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ChayGPT | Biden administration is sending $1 billion more in weapons to Israel, 15 May
But it was not immediately known how soon the weapons would be delivered....The package disclosed Tuesday includes about $700 million for tank ammunition, $500 million in tactical vehicles and $60 million in mortar rounds, the congressional aides said. They spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss an arms transfer that has not yet been made public.

The administration's notice to lawmakers this week isn't the final, formal notification before a sale, one of the congressional aides said. The deal would be an entirely new sale, the aide said. That means any weapons that are part of it could take years to be delivered....

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sputnik | Biden Sending $1 Billion Arms Package to Israel in Latest Flip-Flop, 15 May

Reporting on Tuesday indicated US President Joe Biden is preparing to send $1.25 billion worth of weapons and ammunition to Israel despite putting a separate arms transfer on hold just days ago.
Biden has previously suggested an Israeli incursion into the city would constitute a "red line," before immediately walking the comment back during a heavily criticized interview on cable news channel MSNBC.
The Biden administration previously contradicted itself in March after voting "present" during a meeting of the United Nations Security Council, allowing a resolution calling for a ceasefire in Israel's seven-month assault on Gaza to pass. White House officials quickly insisted the resolution was "non-binding," a characterization criticized by international law experts.
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