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thehill | US military anchors pier to Gaza; aid expected within days, 16 May
The U.S. military has finally anchored its new pier to the coast of Gaza, and officials are expected to soon begin delivery of crucial humanitarian aid to the besieged region.
In a press call, Vice Adm. Brad Cooper, deputy commander of U.S. Central Command [CENTCOM], said the pier was successfully anchored to a beach in Gaza in the early morning hours on Thursday.
Final assembly was in the Israeli port of Ashdod. "This morning—just a few hours ago—the pier was successfully affixed to the beach in Gaza, and in the coming days we will commence the delivery of aid," he said.
Sonali Korde, assistant to the administrator at the United States Agency for International Development's Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance, said the pier would help address a "gap" in humanitarian assistance for the people of Gaza.
The process for getting supplies to Gaza will begin in Cyprus. Humanitarian assistance will arrive in Cyprus [!] via air or sea. The assistance packages will be screened and then palletized placed on pallets for delivery. These pallets will be loaded onto large commercial and military vessels. Those vessels will sail to a large floating platform anchored several kilometers off the coast of Gaza. "This loading platform acts as a stable workspace to trans[fer] pallets from the larger commercial ships on the smaller U.S. military vessels that can reach closer to shore," Cooper said.
Some Republicans have raised concerns about how the U.S. military can stay out of harm's way, especially after the area near the port on the shore was attacked last month.
Picture duplicating Ashdod, if you're perplexed by HAMAS is not aiming missiles at P&E or CENTCOM "post-war" plans for permanent port authority in Gaza.
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