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Kuleba did not say whether Turkey, India[, Brazil, South Africa, Russia,] and China will attend the summit in Switzerland, 17 May
"I am happy with the trend of increasing the number of participants. But we can't name everyone publicly. After all, an act of Russian diplomatic and economic aggression immediately begins against the authorities of this country in order to force them to refuse," Kuleba said.
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WH Press Briefing: Karine Jean-Pierre and John Kirby | May 17, 2024, A/V (EN), 00:56:45
Q @ 22:33: Admiral, back to Ukraine— Does the president hope to attend the Ukraine peace conference next month?
KIRBY: I don't have anything on his schedule to speak to that regard.
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ukrinform | Peace Summit's agenda to include nuclear, food security, return of children, all-for-all POW swap, 21 May
"If we can bring these three points to a logical implementation, then we will be able to move on to the second part—complex points that can lead to the end of the war. No one says that Russia will agree tomorrow, but it is important that we maintain the initiative because they came against us with war," the president said.
TASS | Kiev to unveil reduced 'peace formula' ahead of Swiss conference (22.05.24)
The Kiev government had to cut the so-called peace formula, earlier put forward by Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensk*, from ten points to three, fearing that the upcoming peace conference in Switzerland may end in failure, the country's Delovaya Stolitsa media outlet reported.
dsnews.ua | Swiss mathematics. Why Zelensky left three points out of ten in his formula for peace (22.05.24)
In an earlier interview to Reuters, Zelensk* said he planned to focus on food and nuclear security, as well as on humanitarian issues such as prisoner swaps, during the upcoming summit. The publication says Kiev's expectations of the event have become way less optimistic. Zelensk* was planning to discuss nothing but his own peace formula during the summit, but organizers decided that all participants should be given an opportunity to introduce changes into the final document. This was done to attract leaders of the Global South, whose absence will make the summit useless.
scmp | Joe Biden set to skip Ukraine peace summit for Hollywood fundraiser, 24 May
Biden is scheduled to fly from the G7 meeting [13-15 June] in southern Italy to Los Angeles for the June 15 fundraiser. Along with Clooney and Roberts, former president Barack Obama and late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel are set to join him. ...Still, about 70 countries will take part in the summit at some level including major leaders such as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, while, Japanese Premier Fumio Kishida is likely to be there too.
Diplomats organising the [15-16 June] conference winnowed down its ambitions to focus on a narrow set of goals, such as nuclear safety and prisoner exchanges, in a bid to broaden participation. Those points fall short of Ukraine's blueprint for peace, which calls for the withdrawal of Russian troops as well as future security guarantees.
Lavrov has also reached out to ambassadors in Moscow with the same goal ["of deterring participation"], according to the memo, and a meeting of foreign ministers from the so-called BRICS countries and their allies on June 10-11 should seal that effort. Zelensk* on Thursday described Moscow's efforts to scupper the summit as "the key goal for Russian diplomacy and foreign intelligence for the nearest future."
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yahoo! nu | EU plans Ukraine summit with Russia in Saudi Arabia this fall, 27 May
EU foreign ministers are set to discuss the feasibility of a summit on Ukraine, potentially including Russian representatives, to be held in Saudi Arabia this fall, Bloomberg reported on May 27.
China and Brazil are planning a rival initiative [sic].
The discussion will also cover steps following the recent Global Peace Summit in Switzerland.
GT | China, Brazil propose road map for solving Ukraine crisis, 24 May
Wang Yi, a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and director of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the CPC Central Committee, had an in-depth exchange of views on pushing for the political settlement of the crisis with visiting Celso Amorim, Chief Advisor to the President of Brazil, in Beijing on Thursday.
gov.br | Brazil and China present joint proposal for peace negotiations with the participation of Russia and Ukraine (23.05.24)
1. The two sides call on all relevant parties to observe three principles for deescalating the situation, namely no expansion of the battlefield, no escalation of fighting and no provocation by any party.
fmprc | Common Understandings Between China and Brazil on Political Settlement of the Ukraine Crisis (23.05.24)
6. Dividing the world into isolated political or economic groups should be opposed. The two sides call for efforts to enhance international cooperation on energy, currency, finance, trade, food security and the security of critical infrastructure, including oil and gas pipelines, undersea optical cables, electricity and energy facilities, and fiber-optic networks, so as to protect the stability of global industrial and supply chains.
China and Brazil support an international peace conference held at a proper time that is recognized by both Russia and Ukraine, with equal participation of all parties as well as fair discussion of all peace plans, Xinhua News Agency reported Thursday.
strana | Zelensk* called Biden's decision to skip the peace summit in Switzerland "not very strong", 28 May competitive campaign fundraising
He said this in Brussels.
"I believe that the Peace Summit needs President Biden and other leaders who are looking at the reaction of the United States of America. His non-presence—this will only be applauded by Putin, personally applauded by Putin, and standing up, " Zelensk* added.
aa.com.tr | Kremlin spokesman rejects reports about plans to hold peace conference on Ukraine in Saudi Arabia, 28 May
Responding to reports during Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to Tashkent, Uzbekistan, which suggested the EU is exploring the possibility of such a summit, Peskov remarked, "At the moment, it is out of the question." Meanwhile, Central Asian media reported that Kyrgyz Deputy Foreign Minister Aibek Moldogaziev met Ukraine's Ambassador Valeriy Zhovtenko on Monday to discuss the potential for peace talks to be held in Bishkek.
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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning's Regular Press Conference on May 27, 2024
Reuters: Ukraine's President Zelensk* has appealed to Chinese and US leaders to attend the peace summit in Switzerland next month. Will China be attending? And if yes, who will China send?
Bloomberg: I think there's talk that China will send the delegation, but not a high-level delegation. So I guess the question is, will you send the delegation or not to the Swiss peace forum?
archive Quick Dismissal of China's Proposal by Kyiv, Zelensk* was late

strana | The Ukrainian Armed Forces used the Patriot air defense system for strikes on the territory of the Russian Federation. Germany and the US were angry, 28 May ChatGPT map

When and where Patriot was used, the publication does not specify. But earlier, the Russians blamed Ukraine for the fact that in January 2024, the Patriot system from the Kharkiv region shot down a Russian plane near Belgorod with Ukrainian prisoners of war on board, who were being taken for exchange. A number of Western media outlets also wrote that the plane was shot down by this air defense system. Ukraine did not confirm this as well as the fact that Ukrainian prisoners were on board the downed plane.
Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning's Regular Press Conference on May 28, 2024
Ukrinform News Agency: Last time, China often calls for de-escalation in the Russia-Ukraine war but does not name the countries to whom such calls are addressed. Russia, for more than two years, has continued invasion in neighboring Ukraine. So, earlier this month, Russia opened a new front in the eastern Ukrainian Kharkiv region, and last week, it launched a series of airstrikes on civilian objects in Kharkiv city. Can you specify whether the Chinese side's calls for de-escalation are addressed to Russia or not?
Mao Ning: China believes that dialogue and negotiation is the only viable way out of the Ukraine crisis. Parties need to all be committed to deescalating the situation and seeking political settlement of the crisis. This position has been clear and consistent.
archive Jan 25th 2024 in Comfortable Couch In Kyiv, we urgently need Patriot systems, NATO Permission to Cross Red Lines in #DEFEATRUSS!A
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