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The Admiral @ 00:4:19: This is a humanitarian effort, and contrary to what we've been seeing out there in the information space, particularly in the region, it is designed solely, only, for the delivery of humanitarian assistance. There's no ther purpose for this than humanitarian assistance. We're obviously gratedul for all the US service members [soldiers] and our teams at USAID and the State Department for their tireless work over the past few weeks to get this going. Through the humanitarian maritime corridor USAID plans to provide initial contributions of more than 170 metric tonnes of  nutrient rich food bars [MREs] to support 11,000 of the most vulnerable children and adults, ready to use theraputic foods [TREs?] to treat to treat severe wasting in children, and nearly 90 metric tons of supplies such as plastic sheeting for shelter, jerry cans to hold clean water, and hygiene kits to support more than 33,000 people. Just today, as you're seeing here, we're able to get more than 300 pallets of some of that material in there. Now, today is just the start. It's the first day. There's still work that has to be done to reach what we call 'initial operating capability', but what we hope to be able to increase the number of pallets that get in over the coming days and keep that sustainable. We'll keep you up-dated, of course. [...] I want to make one more point before I leave this topic. There is a robust security plan for this effort, and we remain vigilant to potential threats to our service members working on the pier and humanitarian aid organizations and workers [eNTiTIes!] helping with the distribution and collection at the marshaling area on the ground. It remains a top priority. We're going to remain laser focused on ensuring the safety of everybody involved in this effort.

Now, if I could just quickly shift to Ukraine....

by Cat on Sat May 18th, 2024 at 05:22:25 PM EST
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