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WH Press Briefing: Karine Jean-Pierre and John Kirby | May 17, 2024, A/V (EN), 00:56:45
KIRBY @ 06:50: Now, if I could just quickly shift to Ukraine. We are closly monitoring Russia's offensive in northeastern Ukraine and are working around the clock to get weapons and equipment into the hands of Ukrainian soldiers to help them repel these attacks. Soon after the president signed the National Security Supplemental Act last month, he authorized two military aid packages under the presidential draw-down authority [PDA], and late last month the Department of Defense announced a six billion dollar package through the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative which will be used to procure new equipment to strengthen Ukraine's defenses over the medium and long term, and of course you saw Secretary Blinken in Keev this past week announce that the United States will provide an additional two billion dollar aid package for Ukraine's defense under the foreign military financing program. All of this—sorry, that aid for FMF will used in four ways—first, to help Ukraine procure weapons and equipment to repel Russia's invasion; second, to invest in Ukraine's defense industrial base; third, to help Ukraine purchase military equipment from other countries in addition to the United States; and finally, these funds may help other countries transition off [sic] Russian systems and incentivize [sic] donations to Ukraine.
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cnn, US approves first-ever military aid to Taiwan through program typically used for sovereign nations (31.08.23)
"The package—which is part of the State Department[!]s foreign military financing (FMF) program—totals $80 million and will be paid for by US taxpayers."

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Some great work Cat ... amazing how you manage all the links ... one straight line ... a continuing story (telling) of a war narrative, destroying dissent, censorship and sticking to rhetoric until defeat and retreat is inevitable ... Saigon - Baghdad - Tripoli - Damascus - Kyiv. Millions have suffered, been displaced, wounded and died ... young lives destroyed ... war trauma lasts a lifetime. ... boat refugees ... Garden and Barbarians from the Jungle

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