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ft | NATO training soldiers in Ukraine does not escalate war, says Estonian PM, 20 May
"If you send your people to help Ukrainians...you know the country is in war and you go to a risk zone. So you take the risk"

news.err.ee | PM to FT: NATO training personnel in Ukraine would not be escalation (20.05.24)
"In Estonia, where Riigikogu approval would be needed to make the move Kallas is calling on other countries to make, the situation is one of "an open public debate, but I think we shouldn't rule out anything right now," she told the FT, adding that support for Ukraine runs the gamut in terms of intensity."

KALLAS @52:29: I think it's important that Russia is losing this war, because, like, Timothy Sneider say, has said, in order for a country to become better it has to lose its last colonial war. Thaty haven't lost their last colonial war, and for them, you know, I mean, they are not seeing that, you know, aggressors, rapers, killers, but expanding the empire. It's glory. That's why as long as it is glory, then the war is glory, then you will always have people. You know, it's not this leader. It's going to be next leader, because if people admire dictators, there's no obstacle in becoming one or submitting to one. That's why, you know, you have to have this bigger understanding, you know, that Russia will lose this war, and then it will be beneficial to the society as well, because for a small country like ours war always means devastation and human suffering atrocities. Whereas for a big country it might also mean, you know, new territories, new resources, and all the, you know, good things that come out of it for those—for their understanding. So I think, this is important to understand, and to also base our strategy....[@ 01.01.04] I want to build on that. What is keeping the west from supporting Ukraine as much as is needed, and that is what Foreign Minister [Kuleba] referred to. It's the fear, fear of escalation, fear of the nukes, fear here really of the Russian defeat. I've heard that alot, and if you think about, you know, NATO's enlargement, all these events in history, then this continues all the time. That, you know, what happens if, you know, at that time, you know, 1990s—What happens if Soviet Union collapses? This is a bad thing—It's not a bad thing! Russia's defeat is not a bad thing, because then, you know, there could be really a change in the society. And you know there are many different nations right now part of Russia as well, I think, if you would have more, like, small nations it's not a bad thing if you—if the big power is actually much smaller. So also fear of elections. Because we are all democratic countries, this means that you constantly have to keep up what the public, you know, is thinking. And, of course, you leadership as well to say what is right and what is wrong and what we have to do.
eestinen.fi | The Estonian head of government: Russia decomposition is not at all a bad thing, 19 May
by Cat on Mon May 20th, 2024 at 04:21:04 PM EST
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