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Ukriform venue shopping w/e 4 May

Ukraine is preparing seven more security agreements with partners
President Volodymyr Zelensk* said this in his evening
video address, Ukrinform reports with reference to the president's press service.
[EN transcript]
Today is a day dedicated to our international work—to the results that Ukraine needs in May and June. We are preparing seven new security documents for our country—bilateral security agreements, including a security agreement with the United States... Weapons, finance, political cooperation [...] The second issue is the European orientation. [...]
And, of course, the Global Peace Summit, the first of its kind, which can launch a real movement towards just peace. [...] And one more thing for this day. I have made several personnel changes in the Security Service of Ukraine. ...

Security Agreements
UK Foreign Secretary D. Cameron "kicked off" negotiation with Ukraine PM Denys Schmyal on a "100 Year Partnership" that will build enduring links between our two countries across the spectrum of trade, "security and defense" cooperation, science and tech[nology], education, culture, and much more." He also pledged GBP 36 million for Ukraine's capital improvements and unspecified emergency services.

Global Peace Summit
During another "United News" telethon presidential office head Andriy Yermak, emphasized again that Russia will not participate in the Global Peace Summit; "It is important for Ukraine that as many countries as possible attend the Global Peace Summit," to restore and respect principles of international law. He exhorted Ukraine's diplomatic corps to encourage participation by Chinese representatives who had declined invitations to previous NSA "work groups".

Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said, Ukraine unites world to make aggressor realise that there is no alternative to Peace Formula to consolidate international financial assistance for Ukraine's reconstruction. The Conference on the Restoration of Ukraine in Berlin (11-12June), G7 Leaders' Summit (13-15 June), and the Global Peace Summit (15-16 June) are dedicated to this mission.

Political and Legal Co-operation
In a draft agreement CoE's Committee of Ministers took another step toward setting up Special Tribunal [30.04.24] with Ukraine to establish a Special Tribunal for the Russian crime of aggression. They assert that the ICC has no jurisdictional authority (Part 1) to try crimes of aggression, because the RF is not party to the Rome Statute. However, neither disputes ICC authority to arrest RF officials suspected of illegal deportation of Ukranian children.

The organzing principles, or "characteristics," of the Special established by COE and Ukraine Tribunal will not imitate either the ICC or UNSC Art. 41 tribunals.

It is worth noting that representatives of 141 countries voted for the UN General Assembly resolution a year ago, which supported the Formula of Peace [?] of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensk*.
"Firstly," said Denys Maslov, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Legal Policy, the previous tribunals were established only after the defeat of the aggressor country and the detention of its leadership. Moreover, Nuremberg and Tokyo military tribunals were established before the International Criminal Court [ICC], whose prosecutor customarily investigates,  indicts, and tries UN Convention war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, and aggression codified in the Rome Statute Part 2. Maslov recommends creation of a duplicate repository, the International Center for the Prosecution of Crimes of Aggression Against Ukraine, for collections of evidence with which the ICC might not be privy.
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Military intelligence general: Chasiv Yar's fall probably a matter of time

Additional disfunction UA forces ...

Ukraine is forced to haul its fleet of $10million US Abrams tanks back from the frontline after losing five of its stock of 31

'Sapere aude'

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Christ is risen. (L) CNN: Sumy building damaged by a Russian drone; (C) Tendar: Belgorod building destroyed by FSB; (R) RT: Belgorod building destroyed by Ukraine Tochka-U

strana | Explosion in a high-rise building in Belgorod, Russia, probably occurred from the inside - OSINT-analyst

"This has all the hallmarks of what happened in Moscow in 1999, when the Russian FSB blew up high-rise buildings to 'justify' the war in Chechnya," the analyst added.
ukranews | Entrance of high-rise building collapses in high-rise building in Belgorod
The governor of the Belgorod Region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, has accused Ukraine of shelling and claimed that the high-rise building allegedly collapsed due to a shell hit. Nevertheless, according to another version, a russian guided aerial bomb, which the russians wanted to drop on Ukrainian territory, fell on the house. As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, guided bombs from time to time fall on russian cities, because they break off from aircraft.
vOLdeMoRT | Multiple dead after Ukrainian strike on residential area - Russian official
According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Ukraine attacked residential areas of Belgorod, using a Tochka-U tactical missile system, as well as Olkha, and RM-70 Vampire multiple launch rocket systems. The ministry further asserted that Russian air defenses intercepted six Soviet-era Tochka-U missiles, four Vampire rockets, and two Olkha projectiles. It was mentioned that fragments of one of the downed Tochka-U missiles had caused damage to a residential building in Belgorod.
cnn | With a Surprise! cross-border attack, Russia ruthlessly exposes Ukraine's weaknesses (11.05.24)
The northern border assault follows the creation of a new Russian military grouping called Sever (North).  George Barros at the Institute for the Study of War [ISW] in Washington told CNN that Sever is an "operationally significant group." It's from this new force that units of armored infantry tried to cross the border. The available evidence suggests they were expected and suffered significant losses. But if more elite units join (there are reports that elements from other divisions may do so) Russia's ambitions could grow.
archive Belgorod: this is a frontline, 24 January 2024 borders, 4 June 2023, Fear and denial 2022, Sumy: Energy Mathematics in Casualty, counter-offensives
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Remember when NATO crowed that PUTIN failed to capture Keev? Or when NATO boasted that UKRAINE's summer counter-offensive regained almost all illegally annexed Donbas territory AND the Black Sea? How about that time the Pentagon bought MOAR Starlink equipment to replace UAF abandoned Starlink terminals? Then paid for SpaceX freight to the ISS, the moon, and beyond? And most recently revealed that RUSSIA had launched nukes in orbit with...dual-use DPRK rockets, Iranian weapons-grade uranium, and primitive Chinese microprocessors.  

NY Yella Cake | Russia in New Push Increasingly Disrupts Ukraine's Starlink Service (25.05.24)
In an interview this week, Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine's digital minister, said Russia's recent attacks against Starlink appeared to use new and more advanced technology. The service previously held up remarkably well against interference on battlefields, where there has been widespread electronic warfare, radio jamming and other communication disruptions. SpaceX did not respond to requests for comment. Russia's Ministry of Defense did not respond to a request for comment. Explanations for Starlink outages in Ukraine over the past year [?!] vary. Several experts said Russia had gotten better at interfering with the signal between the satellites and Starlink terminals on the ground by using powerful and precise jammers. For Ajax, the Ukrainian commander, the loss of Starlink service brought back bad memories from the war. When he fought near the Russian border in 2022 [!], his unit was sometimes cut off from Starlink, disrupting drone video feeds that were used for targeting artillery from a distance. In its place, the unit deployed soldiers to covertly watch enemy positions and direct attacks. "It became the old way with radios," he said. "We had to say, 'Move left 100 foot.' It was super strange."
Try to act surprised one year from today, when DOD parks "modernized" F-35s in Lviv.
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ChatGPT jalopnik | $90-Million* F-35 Fighter Jet Crashes Straight Out Of The Factory, 29 May
A pilot from the Defense Contract Management Agency [dcma.mil] was at the F-35B's controls at the time of the incident. The plane had refueled at Kirtland Air Force Base, just adjacent to the airport, before the crash. The pilot ejected from the fighter and was transported to the University of New Mexico Hospital with serious injuries, ABC News reports.
archive September 2023 American sciences
It's difficult for mishaps with the Lockheed Martin F-35 to go unnoticed when the program costs the government north of $1 trillion. Last September, a Marine Corps pilot ejected from an F-35B during a training flight in South Carolina. The pilot ejected safely, but the plane went missing. It took over 30 hours to find the wreckage, which was worth $90 million to roll off the assembly line.
* tennessean | [Modernized] F-35 fighter jet worth $135M crashes near Albuquerque International Sunport, pilot injured
"The aircraft was a test jet equipped with Technology Refresh 2 (TR-2) and was transferring to Edwards AFB for additional test equipment modification."
ibid. GOA, "Program Continues to Encounter Production Issues and Modernization Delays": If Lockheed Martin delivers the software on this timeline, it will need to park aircraft produced over the last several months at various facilities. The parking arrangement, however, presents additional risk to the government should damage occur to some or all of the parked aircraft. [pp 24-25]
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