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"cloud sovereignty" left the room.
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justice.gov | Charges and Seizures Brought in Fraud Scheme, Aimed at Denying Revenue for Workers Associated with North Korea, Poland, Ukraine, USA, 16 May "digital nomads"
"On the surface, today's allegations of wire fraud, identity theft, and money laundering may read like a typical white collar or economic crime scheme," said Assistant Director Kevin Vorndran of the FBI's Counterintelligence Division. "But what these allegations truly represent is a new high-tech campaign to evade U.S. sanctions, victimize U.S. businesses, and steal U.S. identities. The charges clearly demonstrate how the FBI and its partners will employ every resource at our disposal to bring to justice anyone who helps North Korea evade sanctions."
archive "False persona" and "US persona" and "online persona" in 18 USC 2, 371, 2349, 2028A
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euronews | Council of Europe adopts first binding international AI computer programming treaty - conventions and normzzz
The treaty sets out a legal framework that covers the entire lifecycle of AI computer programming systems and addresses the risks they may pose while promoting responsible innovation.

"With this new treaty, we aim to ensure a responsible use of AI computer programming that respects human rights, the rule of law and democracy," the council's Secretary-General Marija Pejčinović Burić said in a statement.
The European Union has agreed on an AI Act, which is set to be implemented this year, but the Council and EU are different eNTitIEs.

Ibid. organisational setup of the eNTiTy
How is it different from the EU AI Act?
Unlike the EU, non-member states can sign the document.
archive first-world risk-based pioneering definition
Some eleven states that are not council members observers participated in drafting the convention, which included Argentina, Israel, Japan, the United States, and Uruguay. The treaty covers the use of AI computer programming systems in both the public and private sectors with two different modes of complying with its principles and obligations when regulating the private sector.
Ibid. International law qualifies as an act of a State, in particular: the conduct of any State organ, of a person or EnTiTy which is not an organ of the State but which is empowered by the law of that State to exercise elements of governmental authority, an organ placed at the disposal of a State by another State, a person or group of persons that are acting on the instructions of, or under the direction or control of, that State in carrying out the conduct, a person or group of persons that are exercising elements of the governmental authority in the absence or default of the official authorities and in circumstances such as to call for the exercise of those elements of authority, and conduct that the State acknowledges and adopts as its own.
The convention will be open for signature on September 5 in Lithuania. Signatories will have to ensure [without reservations?] accountability and responsibility for "adverse impacts and that AI computer programming systems respect equality, including gender equality, the prohibition of discrimination, and privacy rights," the statement read.
archive Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities
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noaa.gov | Strong geomagnetic storm reaches Earth, continues through weekend, 10 May

The First of Several CMEs reached Earth on Friday, May 10 at 12:37 pm EDT. The CME was very strong and SWPC quickly issued a series of geomagnetic storm warnings. SWPC observed G4 conditions at 1:39 pm EDT (G3 at 1:08 pm EDT). This storm is ongoing and SWPC will continue to monitor the situation and provide additional warnings as necessary.
space.com | The Carrington Event: History's greatest solar storm
The flare was a major coronal mass ejection (CME), a burst of magnetized plasma from the sun's upper atmosphere, the corona. In 17.6 hours, the CME traversed over 90 million miles (150 million km) between the sun and Earth and unleashed its force on our planet. According to NASA spaceflight, it usually takes CMEs multiple days to reach Earth.
Three Body Problem: How long until another?
"The sun's activity naturally ebbs and flows in 11-year periods known as the solar cycle."
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