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Chapter III. Global Politics
US popularity has taken a hit globally in 2024, particularly in MENA countries but also in Europe. At the same time, attitudes towards China and Russia have become more positive all around the world outside of Europe and the US. While the United States remains more positively viewed globally, Russia and China are now seen as positively as the United States in most MENA and Asian countries surveyed.

What is your over all perception of the European Union / the United Nations / the United States / China / Russia?
Very positive / Somewhat positive / Neither positive nor negative / Somewhat negative / Very negative / Don't know

[p 29]

Trend 2023 v. 2024. Visualization of EU perceptions, p 31. Visualization of US perceptions, p 34. "After economic inequality and corruption, global [sic] corporations [eNTItiEs] are viewed as the third most significant threat to democracy by people around the world."

archive Yermak and Rassmussen, "The Kyiv Security Compact International Guarantees for Ukraine: Recommendation", 13 Sep 2022
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by Cat on Fri May 10th, 2024 at 02:14:21 PM EST
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