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fmprc |Embarking on a Golden Voyage in China-Hungary Relations, 8 May

In May when the fragrance of flowers and grass on the Great Hungarian Plain fills the air, I will pay a state visit to Hungary at the invitation of President Tamás Sulyok and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. This will be my second time to come to this land of beauty and abundance in a span of 15 years.

Over the past 15 years, I have met with visiting Hungarian leaders on many occasions. We have forged a deep friendship. I very much look forward to returning to your country to renew our friendship and work with my friends on a new blueprint for China-Hungary relations and cooperation in the new era....

F24 | China's clean car manufacturers find a European foothold in Hungary, 9 May
jobs saved or created
Years of under-investment in electric vehicle technologies and supply chains have left European carmakers struggling to keep up with their Chinese competitors. But even as the EU debates putting up trade barriers against electric vehicles imported from China, Chinese automakers are investing hundreds of millions in setting up their very own European factories in Viktor Orban's Hungary.
In the city of Debrecen in the south of Hungary, a lithium-ion battery plant worth €7.3 billion is being built over a 221-hectare stretch of former farmland in the Southern Industrial Park special economic zone.
Chinese EV manufacturer BYD announced late last year that it was building its first European plant in the southern city of Szeged—a €500-million investment that will sprawl across some 300 hectares. BYD, whose European managing director announced Thursday is considering building a second European factory in 2025, is the first major Chinese carmaker to have set up a European production base. The company has said it wants to be the leading EV manufacturer in Europe by 2030.
These policies only intensified following the 2010 election of Viktor Orban's right-wing Fidesz party in the aftermath of the global financial crisis. The spread of economic turmoil across the EU also served as a stark reminder of the risks of relying solely on western European capital to fund Hungary's development. Soon after his election, Orban began to promote what he called his "Eastern Opening" policy, building on his predecessors' outreach to Asia to bring in multinational corporations from Japan, South Korea and, now, China.
dw | China's Xi meets Orban in Hungary, 9 May
Hungarian President Tamas Sulyok received Chinese President Xi Jinping in Budapest on Thursday with a ceremonial welcome before agreeing on a "comprehensive strategic partnership." Hungary's prime minister, Viktor Orban, was at the ceremony , where Xi and Sulyok walked down a red carpet and listened to the Chinese and Hungarian national anthems. Orban said that the two countries had always been friends and that Chinese companies were securing tens of thousands of jobs in Hungary.
wapoo | Hungary and China sign strategic cooperation agreement during visit by Chinese President Xi, 9 May dont-say-inflation-reduction-act
In a video obtained by the AP, the [Hungarian] lawmaker, Márton Tompos, said that the men, all wearing red baseball caps, confronted him to make sure that no flags or symbols referencing China-claimed Tibet or Taiwan would be hung on the route of Xi's motorcade.
NEWS WIRES (09.05.24)
...On the streets of Budapest, Hungarians were divided over the visit.

"Money does not smell, as they say, so other countries would welcome the kind of investment that is going to happen here, even in Western Europe I assume," said 52-year-old security manager Laszlo Toth. But Tibor Hendre, head of the Tibet Support Association, said he was worried that Hungary was "getting into... a debt trap, from which we cannot really escape".

Software engineer Dezso Bereknyei, 46, said that "financial benefits" appeared to be driving the cooperation, and were "coming before environmental protection".

"They told me that they were volunteers for the Chinese embassy here, and they said they wanted to make sure that there weren't Tibetan or Taiwanese flags, because that wouldn't be nice," Tompos said. The men wouldn't let his colleague proceed "until he showed them that it was an EU flag," he added.###

Other minor conflicts broke out during the day between Tibetan protesters and some of the red-capped Chinese nationals, who attempted to prevent activists from displaying Tibetan flags by obscuring them with their own Chinese national flags. One activist, Tenzin Yangzom, a campaign coordinator for the International Tibet Network, criticized Hungary's government for "allowing the Chinese police to be operating on Hungarian streets."

"This is not China, is it? This is Hungary, it's a free country, you have freedom of speech," she said.

ChatGPT | Xi Jinping uses cold hard cash to keep Viktor Orbán close, 9 May €16B
In an open letter to Hungary that in places reads more like a love note than an official government missive, Chinese President Xi Jinping reflected on a friendship "as mellow and rich as Tokaji wine."

As sweet as Hungary's wine is, its partnership with China is far more profitable, both politically and economically—and it's setting up Hungary to be a dominant player in the continent's shift to electric vehicles.
Hungary is seeing a deluge of investments along the EV production chain. CATL, the world's largest battery manufacturer, invested more than €7 billion in a 100-gigawatt battery plant in Debrecen.

"The greenfield project in Hungary will be a giant leap in CATL's global expansion," said company founder Robin Zeng in announcing the deal.
"The people living in Debrecen are very, very unhappy with this, and they are protesting a lot," [China Observers in Central and Eastern Europe researche Ágnes] Szunomár said. The deal gives CATL land previously used for agriculture, and "they believe that it is going to be harmful for the environment. The manufacturing process itself is polluting the waters, polluting the air, and taking away lots of opportunities for those people."

So far, that resistance has done little to quench Orbán's enthusiasm for Chinese money.

Tenzin Yangzom
International Tibet Network
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budapesttimes.hu | Szjjarto: Hungary-China summit yields 'results worthy of historic visit', 10 May
Szjjarto said talks between the Chinese president and Prime Minister Victor Orban had been "extremely". He said the two sides expanded an earlier list of joint projects under the Belt and Road initiative aimed at developing East-West connections, and would start preparations of a HUngarian-Chinese project to build a railway ring around Budapest. The ring, he said, was needed to make transport between large Chinese investments in the eastern parts of Hungary and western markets more efficient and sustainable.

"Similarly, we will start preparations for an express rail link aimed at providing fast and civilised access from central Budapest to the airport," he said. He also noted that seven large cities in China were no accessible from Budapest by way of a daily 19 direct flights. Preparations for the development of a nationwide network of charging points for electric cars will also get under way, the minister said.
Also cooperation will be extended to nuclear energy, he said. "We have now agreed with the Chinese government on drafting a cooperation agreement covering the length and breadth of the nuclear industry to ensure both countries' access to cheapest, safest, most efficient way of producing electricity," Szijjarto said.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lin Jian's Regular Press Conference on May 10, 2024
Xinhua News Agency: Can you brief us on President Xi Jinping's visit to Hungary?
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