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latimes | Despite some progress, state's high-speed rail is $100 billion short and many years from reality, 21 Mar
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Voters first approved a high-speed rail proposal in 2008 that would connect Los Angeles to San Francisco by 2020. That end date has changed considerably over time. In its latest projection, the rail authority goal is for the the 494-mile system, which includes a line from Los Angeles to Anaheim, to serve riders by 2040. But that timeline is not set. The current focus centers on the Central Valley, where officials estimate the 171-mile line from Merced to Bakersfield will be finished between 2030 and 2033.
ChatGPT Sky | California mocked over 'billion-dollar' bridge to nowhere, 5 May
The California High-Speed Rail Authority recently publicised one of the completed sections of construction—finished back in 2018 and reported to cost $1bn on its own. This is a 0.3-mile stretch of bridge, called The Fresno River Viaduct in Madera County, and it has attracted ridicule for going from nowhere to nowhere.
There's economic and social advantages for connecting areas in the Central Valley to "thriving coastal economies because we have a very unequal society in California," Elkind said. But no one knows when that will definitively happen.
Officials estimate it could cost about $35 billion to finish the first line from Bakersfield to Merced and roughly $100 billion more to complete the route from Los Angeles to San Francisco&mdaah;about $100 billion more than what was originally proposed years ago. And the source of most funds is unclear.
nypost | Mayor Adams visits Rome, praises its subway construction, 10 May
...Adams marveled at the rapid progress of Rome's new subway line—which is slated to open next year—and compared it to New York City's long-stalled $7.7 billion Second Avenue extension.
"This is an amazing feat to see this built right by the Coliseum. It's going to allow passengers and visitors and tourists to come take the metro right to the Coliseum," he said in the footage, posted on X Friday morning....
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