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ChatGPT | US preparing for 'prominent' role in post-war Gaza, 23 May
governor, préfet d'ouverture/prefect, proconsul, "civilian adviser" or "Director-General"
The civilian adviser would be based in the region and work closely with the commanding officer of the force, who would be either Palestinian or from an Arab nation, the people said. The adviser would never enter Gaza itself, the officials said—an indication of the desire to avoid any implication that the U.S. would be dictating the future of the territory.Two officials said the adviser could be based in Sinai and another said it could be Jordan. The proposal for the adviser and peacekeeping force also has been circulating in a classified administration [?] for months.
"complementarity and co-operation policy"
The Biden administration is trying to convince Arab states such as Egypt, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates to join the peacekeeping force, a second official said, as regional countries continually demand that the U.S. have a heavy hand in Gaza's postwar future. "It'll be easier to get them to come along if we're there playing a part, and we're prepared to play that role," the official said about what Arab countries want from the U.S. The official added that there's also broad agreement between the U.S., Israel and regional players to help form a Palestinian Council, comprising Palestinians from Gaza, to serve as an interim governing structure.
"classified State Department paper" (Euro Eng. nonpaper)
In that March document, marked "SECRET" and not for the eyes of foreign officials, the State Department proposed the formation of the Temporary Security Mission for Gaza. The security mission "could be a hybrid model of police and Carabinieri/gendarmerie," per the document, referencing the Italian law enforcement group responsible for internal security. "State recommends branding this as a security mission not a 'force.'"
whitehouse.gov | Press Briefing by Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, 22 May OFAC business license
Q Thanks, Jake. Two on your trip over the weekend to Israel and Saudi Arabia. A senior administration official said yesterday that Israel has addressed many of the U.S. concerns regarding its operation in Rafah. Nine hundred thousand-plus civilians have fled Rafah in recent weeks. Has Israel addressed all of the administration's concerns?  Does the U.S. support what Israel is doing in Rafah right now?
SULLIVAN: We had detailed discussions on Rafah during my visit to Israel. These have built on weeks now, as I've discussed with you from this podium, of discussions on a professional basis about Rafah and about how Israel can achieve the defeat of Hamas everywhere in Gaza, including in Rafah, while minimizing civilian harm.
Q —which I believe is the administration's view—that until Hamas is fully held to account that the peace process and any two-state solution could not go forward. Do you see Israel being able to deliver on that? And then do you see Israel accepting a two-state solution?
SULLIVAN ...I was in Saudi Arabia talking to the Crown Prince about that exact vision this weekend. And you saw public statements from him about what is possible if Israel moves down that path.
doha!nstitute | Determinants of Saudi Arabia's Response to the Gaza War (10.05.24) : Saudi Arabia's goal of attracting investments for mega-projects like NEOM has led it to downplay the impact of the war on this ["normalization"] path.

timesof!srael | Saudi ties in reach but hinge on path to Palestinian state, Sullivan tells reluctant PM (20.05.24) : efforts to bring Riyadh around to recognizing the State of Israel for the first time

cnn | 'None go forward without the others.' US mega-deal would tie together the futures of Saudi Arabia, Israel and Gaza (23.05.24) : MBS had said earlier (21.09.23) that a pact with Israel would be "the biggest historical deal since the Cold War."

nzz.ch | Sullivan said. Blinken told (23.05.24) : either continuation of the war against Hamas and regional isolation, OR the prospect of A COMMON FRONT with Saudi Arabia AGAINST IRAN [?] and acceptance of a Palestinian state in the not-too-distant future.

So, that's a conversation we'll continue to have with the Israeli government.  In the meantime, what we will do is work to ensure the enduring defeat of Hamas and a day after in Gaza that involves governance and security not provided by Hamas but by an alternative that ultimately gets us on a credible pathway to that two-state solution that President Biden has talked about.
whitehouse.gov | Kirby-content, 20 May
As I've said earlier, and as was in our statements, we don't believe the ICC has any jurisdiction here with respect to what's going on in Gaza. ....We don't believe that whatever the post-conflict governance picture looks like in Gaza, that it can include Hamas, and we certainly don't still support any IDF occupation. But this is a topic of ongoing discussions, has been in just recent days, and will continue to be going forward....
The White House stooges are quite caught up in self-deception. Not only is their plan not getting public endorsement from the League partners hungry for regional "stability", the plan in no shape or function manifests a free state for Palestine. The "leak" planted in Politico merely confirms the depth of insanity that informs this "day-after" reconciliation with genocide.
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dw | Could US-Saudi 'mega deal' spark Middle East nuclear race?, 28 May

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in related regional stability
dw | France's Macron awarded peace prize in Münster

The International Award of the Peace of WestFAILia, named after the 1648 peace treaty which ended the Thirty Years War, is a private sector prize awarded every two years to an individual or a representative of a group or state which has contributed to European solidarity. It was initially supposed to be awarded in 2023, but Macron's state visit was postponed because
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of the domestic unrest in France at the time as he tried to implement pension reforms.
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