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rbc.ua | Dmitry Pletenchuk, Navy: A third of the Russian Black Sea Fleet has already been disabled, starving Africans memo to Lord Cameron
In an interview with RBC-Ukraine, the speaker of the Naval Forces Dmitry Pletenchuk told how Russian ships are fleeing from the occupied Crimea, where they are hiding, why they have not used Kalibry for rocket attacks for a long time, and how the enemy is now using the Crimean Bridge.
And how many launch vehicles did our Defense Forces manage to destroy?
Two MRCS and a submarine: Askold, Zyklon and Rostov-on-Don. That leaves eight, including three submarines, three Buyan-M ICBMs, and two Essen and Makarov frigates. I repeat, the Russians, in principle, could fire even from the Caspian Sea. But they are well aware that to leave is to show weakness, it is surrender. And now they are ready to die here for the sake of their imperial show-offs. Let's not disturb them.
And what would the destruction of the Crimean Bridge give Ukraine now?
Not the same effect anymore. Because it is almost never used for military logistics. Less than a quarter of the total load is carried by this bridge. The rest goes to the ferry crossing that was recently hit. Therefore, this bridge is already of such tactical and strategic importance after the damage it received as a result of a joint operation of the SBU and the Navy with a drone attack.
What is the current threat to Ukraine from Russia from the sea?
Kalibr cruise missile carriers and aircraft over the sea. Plus, they use the air space above the sea to launch other missiles from the Iskander OTRK, the Bal and Bastion coastal complexes.
Why have the Russians been systematically firing ballistics at Odessa from Crimea lately?
Because they can't get anything else. The key goal is port infrastructure.
Is there still a threat of amphibious landings in Odessa or our other regions?
No, it's completely absent. We must understand that, first of all, the enemy's amphibious capabilities are greatly reduced. Of the 14 ships, five remain in service. Secondly, they cannot approach our shore. Big ships aren't that fast. And, accordingly, it will be a very easy goal. They can try, but everyone knows how it will end: if they land on the beach, they will all be killed there, plus everything is booby-trapped.
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