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alkhaleej.ae | Why the UAE did not sign, 18 June adjustment bureaus
Because the conference, hosted by Switzerland on June 15 and 16, with the presence of more than 90 delegations from different countries of the world, carried the slogan "peace in Ukraine". And because the items of the statement issued by [them] are difficult to achieve, in order to achieve the goal of achieving peace, with the absence of Russia from the conference, which is a key party to the war.

[B]ecause many of the countries that participated in the conference take a neutral positive position on the war, and play a mediation role between Russia and Ukraine, and play a positive role in finding a solution to the crisis, including the UAE, they chose not to sign the final statement of the conference, in addition to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Brazil, South Africa, and India, Indonesia, Mexico, Armenia, Libya, Colombia, Vatican, Jordan, Iraq.

With respect to Rwanda also 2 retracting communique approval (1), (2), other eda.CH program "irregularities" have surfaced. The communique was prepared without all participant consultation. (note Gustavo Petro's and Harris' abrupt D1 departures.) Third-country rumors suggest, all participants were automatically added to the list of signatories (eda.ch display, above, which could be mistaken for lounge decor). Some state representative were not informed that eda.cha required application submission to retract their country indicia from the communique. And eda did not conduct a procedural vote on final communique. AFIACT, eda.CH has neither confirmed nor denied authenticity of listed signatories but has issued a revised list, replacing Rwanda with Ecumenical Patriarchate. The complete list of participant states and "observers" who withheld and withdrew communique approval appears to be 17 (UAE list + Rwanda, Mauritania, OAS). Whether fait accompli or forgery this event failed to accomplish stated purposes of conference organizers.
by Cat on Tue Jun 18th, 2024 at 08:01:26 PM EST
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