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Türkiye confirms contract signed with US for F-16 warplanes, 13 June
The Defense Ministry's statement came days after the U.S. State Department said Türkiye had signed a letter of offer and acceptance to purchase the Lockheed Martin-made warplanes. That brings the two NATO allies closer to completing the prolonged process that sometimes fueled tensions and tested Washington's ties with Ankara.
Türkiye's strategic bid for BRICS membership, 14 June
Although Türkiye has not yet formally applied for membership, Fidan expressed interest in joining BRICS during his recent visit to Beijing.
From Russia's viewpoint, Türkiye's potential inclusion in BRICS is strategically multifaceted.
Summit on Peace in Ukraine Participating countries and organizations
Hakan Fidan, FM, Türkiye
List of states and international organisations supporting the Joint Communiqué
Russia perceives Türkiye's potential inclusion as a move that could enhance the group's global influence and sees benefits in boosting trade and investment opportunities within the BRICS framework. Politically, Russia and Türkiye share a complex relationship characterized by both cooperation and competition.
RT | Russia names main condition for BRICS membership (18.06.24)
Countries seeking to join the group must not be involved in unilateral sanctions schemes, Russia's deputy foreign minister has said
Thus, Russia might consider Türkiye's BRICS membership as a means to reinforce their political alignment on specific international issues while simultaneously managing their regional rivalries.
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