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Venezuela's Dual Power In Its Last Year?

The AN 2015's term was due to end in January 2021, and had been formally dissolved by President Maduro in 2017. However, it survived in exile with support from the U.S. government and allies.

The decision meeting took place on December 15th virtually, as most lawmakers are based in the U.S., Colombia, and Spain. Many of them are also substitutes, as some withdrew when their formal term ended in 2021 and for other reasons.

A failed regime change plan

In January 2019, a lawmaker from the AN 2015, Juan Guaidó, proclaimed himself as the interim president of the country. The argument was that the elections in 2018, where President Maduro was re-elected for a second term, were fraudulent. Guaidó was swiftly recognized by the U.S. and allied administrations.

Decision makers then in the Trump administration believed that they could trigger an uprising or military coup in Venezuela, by using a tough sanctions regime, diplomatic isolation, and the threat of invasion.

The European Union was a compliant commodity for the US capital vultures. UN Charter guarantees sovereignty of nations and non-intervention. American Century Pax and the NWO. The Replacement Theory of Colour Revolutions, a promising new era of fascism driven by Big Tech and today's AI.

U.S. Republican administration of George Bush and electronic voting systems [manipulation] sold to Venezuela ... after the successful  intervention in Palm Beach County butterfly ballots (John Bolton) to get GWB elected in the first place. American jewels of democracy expanded.

Behind-the scenes look at the political battle of battles: Bush v. Gore in 2000

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