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fp | Patriot Missiles Are Made in America and Fail Everywhere (28.03.18)
On March 25, Houthi forces in Yemen fired seven missiles at Riyadh. Saudi Arabia confirmed the launches and asserted that it successfully intercepted all seven.
This wasn't true. It's not just that falling debris in Riyadh killed at least one person and sent two more to the hospital. There's no evidence that Saudi Arabia intercepted any missiles at all. And that raises uncomfortable questions not just about the Saudis, but about the United States, which seems to have sold them —and its own public—a lemon of a missile defense system.
In fairness, the system deployed in Saudi Arabia—the Patriot Advanced Capability-2 or PAC-2 —is not well designed to intercept the Burkan-2 missiles that the Houthis are firing at Riyadh. The Burkan-2 flies around 600 miles and appears to have a warhead that separates from the missile itself.

Lockheed-Martin. PAC-3® MSE Overview.ppt 2023
ft | US to redirect Patriot air defence orders to Ukraine, 20 June
A senior White House official said the US would be "re-sequencing deliveries" of air defence systems including Patriots "so interceptors rolling off the production line now are provided to Ukraine".
Russia is firing a staggering 20,000 [!] artillery rounds per day (10.11.22)
Ukraine says Russia has launched over 8,000 [!] missiles, 4,630 [!] drones during war (22.02.24)
Russia is producing about 250,000 [!] artillery munitions per month (11.03.24)
"This decision demonstrates our commitment to supporting our partners when they're in existential danger. And our second message really is to Russia, which is that if they think they can outlast Ukraine in this war, they are mistaken," the official said. Washington has briefed all affected countries privately; air defence exports to Taiwan are not expected to be affected [?!]
The US-made Patriot systems are Washington's most advanced air defence weapons. They consist of a radar system and mobile launchers that can fire interceptor missiles at incoming projectiles or aircraft.
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