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globalnews.ca | Canada's senate passes foreign interference bill, awaits LOL royal assent,
20 June dont-say-Georgia-say-foreign-interference!
The transparency registry < wipes tears > would require certain individuals to register with the federal government to help guard against such activity.

Civil society groups called for more time to consider the legislation—introduced in the House of Commons less than seven weeks ago—saying the rush could could result in flawed provisions that violate people's rights.

openparliament.ca | Bill C-70
Part 4 enacts the Foreign Influence Transparency and Accountability Act which, among other things,
(a) provides for the appointment of an individual to be known as the Foreign Influence Transparency Commissioner;
(b) requires certain persons to provide the Commissioner with certain information if they enter into arrangements < wipes tears > with foreign principals under which they undertake to carry out certain activities in relation to political or governmental [?] processes in Canada;
(c) requires the Commissioner to establish and maintain a publicly accessible registry that contains information about those arrangements;
(d) provides the Commissioner with tools to administer and enforce that Act; and
(e) amends the Public Service Superannuation [pension] Act, the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians Act, and the National Security and Intelligence Review Agency Act.
Parts 1-3 are chips off ye olde Norman National Security Act 2023
EU eyes targeted sanctions, visa restrictions over Georgia's 'foreign agent' law, 21 June
EU foreign ministers on Monday (24 June) are expected to discuss the options paper, drawn up by the bloc's diplomatic service (EEAS), in response to the passing of Georgia's controversial `foreign agent' law in May. Brussels had called on Tbilisi to withdraw the law, which had sparked weeks of mass demonstrations, warning the passing of the bill would hamper its hopes of joining the bloc in the near future.
PS. Man accused of plotting to murder Sikh separatist extradited to US from Czechia: "Nikhil Gupta was arrested in the Czech Republic last year, after he was accused by US prosecutors plotting to arrange the assassination of Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, a US resident."


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