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wapoo | Ukraine can use U.S. weapons for limited strikes in Russia (30.05.24)
The shift allows Ukraine to use U.S.-provided artillery and rocket launchers to hit Russian troops and equipment just across the border from Kharkiv and to strike missiles headed toward Ukrainian territory, U.S. officials said. They emphasized that the Biden administration's policy barring longer-range strikes inside Russia "has not changed."
dw | NATO chief: Time to rethink restrictions on Ukraine weaponry, 30 May
Biden signed off on the change several days ago, and the policy went info effect Thursday [30 May]. In a visit to Kyiv this month, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron said Ukraine has the right to use London-provided weapons to strike targets in Russia.
dw | Kyiv can now hit Russia with German weapons, 31 May
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wapoo | U.S. concerned about Ukraine strikes on Russian nuclear radar stations, 29 May
At least one strike in Armavir, in Russia's southeastern Krasnodar region, appeared to have caused some damage....A Ukrainian official familiar with the matter, however, said that Russia has used the radar sites to monitor the Ukrainian military's activities, particularly Kyiv's use of aerial weaponry, such as drones and missiles.
wapoo | As Ukraine stumbles in war, Kyiv and Western powers struggle to coordinate (30.05.24)
The sharpest battlefield disagreement at the moment is whether Ukraine can use donated weapons to strike targets on Russian soil. The Biden administration has strictly prohibited Ukraine from using U.S. weaponry to do so because it fears that the heavy U.S. involvement required to operate the weapons could escalate the war into a direct conflict between Washington and Moscow, though it is reexamining its policy.
new fissures appear to emerge daily. On Wednesday, a U.S. official said Washington had expressed concerns to Kyiv over Ukraine's strikes—using its own weapons—on Russian radar stations that provide conventional air defense and early warning of nuclear launches by the West.
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reuters | Switzerland flags cyberattacks, disinformation ahead of Ukraine summit, 10 June
Ninety states and organisations have registered to take part in the talks due to be held at a resort near the central city of Lucerne from June 15-16, roughly half of them from South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, Switzerland said. Russia has not been invited, but the Swiss government said the talks aimed to "jointly define a roadmap" on how to involve both it and Ukraine in a future peace process.

Swiss President Viola Amherd told a press conference cyber attacks had increased in recent weeks and was asked how her government was addressing personal attacks against her in Russian media that have been publicised in Switzerland.

"We haven't summoned the ambassador," she said. "That's how I wanted it, because the disinformation campaign is so extreme that one can see that little of it reflects reality."
Roughly half the countries taking part will be represented by heads of state or government, Switzerland said.

The summit is due to conclude with a final declaration, "ideally" one backed unanimously, [FM Foreign Minister Ignazio] Cassis said. It also aims to set out what the next step would be in the peace process. When asked who might succeed Switzerland in the next phase, Cassis said he could not give details, but noted efforts were underway for something "outside the western part of the world". Doing so could boost inclusion of the "Global South and Arabian countries" in the process, he said.

Arabian country foreign minister arrives in Russia for BRICS meeting, 10 June
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strana | 92 countries and 8 organizations will take part in the Swiss[-Ukrainian] peace Summit, 14 June hmmm
Meanwhile, Vladimir Zelensky has already arrived in Switzerland to participate in the summit, as he wrote in his social networks.
archive May 2024 Slava Big Israel!, casting call UPDATE
strana | Zelensk* meets with Indian Prime Minister Modi at G7 summit in Italy
"We discussed the development of bilateral relations and the expansion of trade, in particular in the context of the functioning of the Black Sea export corridor. We considered the possibility of exchanging experience in using new technologies in agriculture, " Zelensk* writes.
eda.ch | List of participating states and organisations (as of 14 June 2024)
Kapoor, Pavan (India 2024 MEA Sec. West, Amb. to Russia (2021-2024), UAE (2019-2021), IL (2016-2019)
They also talked about the upcoming peace summit in Switzerland, where India will send a delegation, but it is not clear who exactly.
archive "high-level" schedule conflict

Yermak's "global south" hit list is conspicuously...not intimidated. BUT. Every EU member, wannabe, and eNTiTY—"the whole world"—is booked. The next host for Zelensk*'s "debt-raising" roadshow best stick "strategic ambiguity" on the promos for the next  OUTREACH Summit 2024 v. < checks watch > 5.

Stay tuned. eda.CH just might livestream sessions to YouTube.

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alkhaleej.ae | Why the UAE did not sign, 18 June adjustment bureaus
Because the conference, hosted by Switzerland on June 15 and 16, with the presence of more than 90 delegations from different countries of the world, carried the slogan "peace in Ukraine". And because the items of the statement issued by [them] are difficult to achieve, in order to achieve the goal of achieving peace, with the absence of Russia from the conference, which is a key party to the war.

[B]ecause many of the countries that participated in the conference take a neutral positive position on the war, and play a mediation role between Russia and Ukraine, and play a positive role in finding a solution to the crisis, including the UAE, they chose not to sign the final statement of the conference, in addition to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Brazil, South Africa, and India, Indonesia, Mexico, Armenia, Libya, Colombia, Vatican, Jordan, Iraq.

With respect to Rwanda also 2 retracting communique approval (1), (2), other eda.CH program "irregularities" have surfaced. The communique was prepared without all participant consultation. (note Gustavo Petro's and Harris' abrupt D1 departures.) Third-country rumors suggest, all participants were automatically added to the list of signatories (eda.ch display, above, which could be mistaken for lounge decor). Some state representative were not informed that eda.cha required application submission to retract their country indicia from the communique. And eda did not conduct a procedural vote on final communique. AFIACT, eda.CH has neither confirmed nor denied authenticity of listed signatories but has issued a revised list, replacing Rwanda with Ecumenical Patriarchate. The complete list of participant states and "observers" who withheld and withdrew communique approval appears to be 17 (UAE list + Rwanda, Mauritania, OAS). Whether fait accompli or forgery this event failed to accomplish stated purposes of conference organizers.
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strana | The Caribbean offshore joined the Swiss peace declaration after the summit, 19 June
The island nation of Antigua and Barbuda joined the Swiss peace declaration, although its representatives were not present at the summit in Burgenstock. This is reported by Vladimir Zelensk* on his page in the social network.
Shortly after Zelensk*'s publication, the Swiss government announced that the Organization of American States [OAS] had joined the peace declaration, increasing the number of states and organizations that supported the communique to 84 [?].
Slava Big Israel!
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swissinfo.ch | 'Real peace closer for Ukraine' despite lack of consensus at Swiss summit (16.06.24)
Eighty-four [?] out of around [92] states and [8 eNTiTIeS*] at the Ukraine peace conference in Switzerland have agreed on a final declaration. However, Swiss President Viola Amherd acknowledged there was no agreement on how and when Russia should be involved.Participating countries that did not sign the final [3-point] communique included Saudi Arabia, India, South Africa, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico, and the United Arab Emirates. Brazil, which was listed as an "observer" on the list of attendees, also did not feature as a signatory.
*  Council of Europe, European Commission, European Council, European Parliament, OAS, OSCE, observers: UN (DiCarlo), Ecumenical Patriarchate (UA). bold face denotes signatory.
However, initial reactions were somewhat muted. "Expectations of the meeting with 57 heads of state and government were modest—and they underwhelmed rather than overwhelmed," reckoned Sebastian Ramspeck, international correspondent for Swiss public broadcaster, SRF.

"Particularly disappointing for Switzerland as host: there's no follow-up summit in another host country for the time being. Whether the Bürgenstock summit has initiated a peace process is therefore more than questionable."

ChatGPT | 78 countries at Swiss conference agree Ukraine's territorial integrity must be basis of any peace, 16 June
About 100 delegations, mostly Western countries, attended the conference that was billed as a first step toward peace.
Testifying to war fatigue and other preoccupations, only about half of U.N. member countries took part. It's a far cry from March 2022, when condemnation of Russia's invasion led to passage of a non-binding resolution at the U.N. General Assembly by 141 countries calling for Russian troops to leave Ukraine.
A/RES/ES-11/1 (2022/141-5-35)  and A/RES/ES-11/6 (2023/94-14-73)
It wasn't clear why some developing countries attending didn't line up behind the final statement, but they may be hesitant to rankle Russia or have cultivated a middle ground between Moscow, its ally China and Western powers backing Kyiv.

"Some did not sign—even though very few—since they are playing 'Let's have peace based on concessions' game, and they usually mean concessions by Ukraine, and basically accommodating Russian demands," said Volodymyr Dubovyk, a Ukraine expert and senior fellow at Center for European Policy Analysis, a Washington-based think tank. "They also like this 'neutrality positioning'."

meaning no weapons, boots to donate, no USD to lend, and no licenses to validate?
The Ukrainian government believes that 19,546 [?] children have been deported or forcibly displaced, and Russian Children's Rights Commissioner Maria Lvova-Belova previously confirmed that at least 2,000 were taken from Ukrainian orphanages.
archive Data Sources and Manipulation?
Memorable Quote
Andrzej Duda: "Russia remains the largest colonial empire in the world, which—unlike European states—has never gone through the process of decolonization and has never been able to deal with the demons of its past"
Start with Findland, end with "overseas territories and possessions"
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nypost | Kamala Harris zips back to DC after blink-and-miss-it appearance at Ukraine Peace Summit, 15 June
Harris told Kyiv's delegation, which included Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensk* and Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, that the largest chunk of the funding would help restore Ukraine's energy infrastructure, which Russian forces have relentlessly targeted.
"President Biden and my support for the people of Ukraine ... not out of charity, but because of the people of Ukraine and their future is in our strategic interest," Harris said. "It is in the interest of the United States to defend democratic values and stand up to dictators."
one day early and "ten to twelve trillion dollars" short
Harris intends to leave the summit after a leaders' dinner Saturday evening, according to the White House, but told reporters that the gathering has already been "productive."

"Jeddah Jake" Sullivan remained in Switzerland at the luxury Bürgenstock hotel home to take part in the summit in her place. He insisted Harris is not the only leader to skip out on Sunday's events, which will including break-out sessions to work on key issues, such as ways to secure the release of < wipes tears > kidnapped Ukrainian children in Russia's custody.

"Tomorrow is really—and it's not just with her, but other leaders, as well—turning it over to their teams to really try to drive through how we convert [the issues discussed] into practical progress in these various areas," said Sullivan, whose hotel sits atop a steep mountain dotted with sheep, and overlooks the beautiful Lake Lucerne below.

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pravda.ua | Switzerland seeks discussing Peace Summit with Russia and China
Asked whether Putin's arrival in Switzerland can be organised taking into account the arrest warrant of the ICC for further negotiations and, perhaps, conference on the peace in Ukraine, Amherd said that it was possible.

ukrinform. President's Office investigating whether some countries really withdrew their signatures

Lack of ratification of security agreement between USA and Ukraine will not affect its implementation

Merezhko noted that for American Presidents, so-called executive agreements are a more convenient tool for regulating international relations than those international treaties that, according to the US Constitution, require ratification, that is, the consent of two-thirds of the US Senate.
Putin's allies at Peace Summit make offer to help Ukraine
Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for human rights, Dmytro Lubinets noted that offers of help unexpectedly came even from countries that are considered pro-russian. These states offered their channels of communication with the Russian Federation. The Ombudsman did not specify which countries made such proposals.
The next summit with the participation of Russia should lead to the end of the war
"This is not the language that we hear from our Western partners," the Foreign Minister said.
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energyglobal | Honeywell and DTEK join forces for renewables integration into the energy mix (31.07.20)
The system will help maintain Ukraine's energy system, enable the integration of renewables into the energy mix, and decrease fossil fuel power generation. Moreover, the energy storage system will increase the flexibility of Ukraine's power grid and help pave the way for the country to join Europe's energy community (ENTSO-E) in the future.
archive DTEK Group invests $1 bln, DTEK Energy, ENTSO-E Ukraine, 400 MW export
dtek | DTEK Group enters Polish renewables market to build the first large-scale battery storage project in the country, 27 Mar 2024
DRI signed a final binding share purchase agreement with Poland's Columbus Energy on 27th March which will give it the right to build a 133 MW battery storage facility in southern Poland, subject to permitting approvals. which will give it the right to build a 133 MW battery storage facility in southern Poland, subject to permitting approvals. The agreement is DTEK's first major infrastructure investment in Poland and a key building block in the company's plan to create a pan-European energy system uniting Ukraine and the EU.
reuters | Ukraine agrees on first LNG supply deal with US company, 13 June
Under the agreement, DTEK's trading unit D. Trading will buy cargoes from Venture Global's Plaquemines LNG facility in Louisiana from later this year until the end of 2026. D. Trading will also purchase up to 2 million tonnes per year of LNG from Venture Global's third facility, Calcasieu Pass 2, for 20 years.

Ukraine currently has no regasification terminals for LNG imports but DTEK has contracts for re-gasification capacity elsewhere in Europe which have connecting pipelines [?] with Ukraine. DTEK was not immediately available for comment.

interfax | DTEK, Honeywell sign strategic partnership agreement at URC-24, 14 June
DTEK CEO Maxim Timchenko and Honeywell President for Central and Eastern Europe Przemek Szuder signed a strategic cooperation memorandum at the Ukraine Recovery Conference in Berlin....Szuder said, for his part, that Honeywell with a portfolio focused on three global megatrends—automation, energy transition and the future of aviation—is an innovator in delivering technologies that accelerate energy transition and automation.
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rbc.ua | Dmitry Pletenchuk, Navy: A third of the Russian Black Sea Fleet has already been disabled, starving Africans memo to Lord Cameron
In an interview with RBC-Ukraine, the speaker of the Naval Forces Dmitry Pletenchuk told how Russian ships are fleeing from the occupied Crimea, where they are hiding, why they have not used Kalibry for rocket attacks for a long time, and how the enemy is now using the Crimean Bridge.
And how many launch vehicles did our Defense Forces manage to destroy?
Two MRCS and a submarine: Askold, Zyklon and Rostov-on-Don. That leaves eight, including three submarines, three Buyan-M ICBMs, and two Essen and Makarov frigates. I repeat, the Russians, in principle, could fire even from the Caspian Sea. But they are well aware that to leave is to show weakness, it is surrender. And now they are ready to die here for the sake of their imperial show-offs. Let's not disturb them.
And what would the destruction of the Crimean Bridge give Ukraine now?
Not the same effect anymore. Because it is almost never used for military logistics. Less than a quarter of the total load is carried by this bridge. The rest goes to the ferry crossing that was recently hit. Therefore, this bridge is already of such tactical and strategic importance after the damage it received as a result of a joint operation of the SBU and the Navy with a drone attack.
What is the current threat to Ukraine from Russia from the sea?
Kalibr cruise missile carriers and aircraft over the sea. Plus, they use the air space above the sea to launch other missiles from the Iskander OTRK, the Bal and Bastion coastal complexes.
Why have the Russians been systematically firing ballistics at Odessa from Crimea lately?
Because they can't get anything else. The key goal is port infrastructure.
Is there still a threat of amphibious landings in Odessa or our other regions?
No, it's completely absent. We must understand that, first of all, the enemy's amphibious capabilities are greatly reduced. Of the 14 ships, five remain in service. Secondly, they cannot approach our shore. Big ships aren't that fast. And, accordingly, it will be a very easy goal. They can try, but everyone knows how it will end: if they land on the beach, they will all be killed there, plus everything is booby-trapped.
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fp | Patriot Missiles Are Made in America and Fail Everywhere (28.03.18)
On March 25, Houthi forces in Yemen fired seven missiles at Riyadh. Saudi Arabia confirmed the launches and asserted that it successfully intercepted all seven.
This wasn't true. It's not just that falling debris in Riyadh killed at least one person and sent two more to the hospital. There's no evidence that Saudi Arabia intercepted any missiles at all. And that raises uncomfortable questions not just about the Saudis, but about the United States, which seems to have sold them —and its own public—a lemon of a missile defense system.
In fairness, the system deployed in Saudi Arabia—the Patriot Advanced Capability-2 or PAC-2 —is not well designed to intercept the Burkan-2 missiles that the Houthis are firing at Riyadh. The Burkan-2 flies around 600 miles and appears to have a warhead that separates from the missile itself.

Lockheed-Martin. PAC-3® MSE Overview.ppt 2023
ft | US to redirect Patriot air defence orders to Ukraine, 20 June
A senior White House official said the US would be "re-sequencing deliveries" of air defence systems including Patriots "so interceptors rolling off the production line now are provided to Ukraine".
Russia is firing a staggering 20,000 [!] artillery rounds per day (10.11.22)
Ukraine says Russia has launched over 8,000 [!] missiles, 4,630 [!] drones during war (22.02.24)
Russia is producing about 250,000 [!] artillery munitions per month (11.03.24)
"This decision demonstrates our commitment to supporting our partners when they're in existential danger. And our second message really is to Russia, which is that if they think they can outlast Ukraine in this war, they are mistaken," the official said. Washington has briefed all affected countries privately; air defence exports to Taiwan are not expected to be affected [?!]
The US-made Patriot systems are Washington's most advanced air defence weapons. They consist of a radar system and mobile launchers that can fire interceptor missiles at incoming projectiles or aircraft.
archive Lego Patriot, Ukraine's iron dome
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strana | Ukraine has started accession negotiations with the EU. What does it mean?
Negotiations on Ukraine's accession to the European Union have begun in Luxembourg, DW reports.

The Ukrainian delegation of 13 people is headed by Deputy Prime Minister Olga Stefanyshina. She says that Kiev plans to fully prepare for accession by 2030. On the EU side, ministers from all 27 countries are taking part in the conference, and the delegation is led by Belgian Foreign Minister Haja Labib.
In reality, as long as there is a war, Ukraine will not join the European Union, no matter how many negotiations are conducted and no matter what words and promises are made from Brussels. The day of the end of the war will be the day when the movement of Ukraine to Europe and real negotiations on joining the EU will really begin. But it is also clear that this process will not be easy. Since it is after the end of the war that Brussels will begin to demand solutions from Kiev to those problematic issues that the EU is now turning a blind eye to, taking into account the "specifics of wartime".

by Cat on Tue Jun 25th, 2024 at 07:01:45 PM EST
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defense.gov | Africa Defense Chiefs, U.S. Slated to Meet Tomorrow in Botswana , 24 June
The United States and Botswana will co-host the conference in the capital city Gaborone during the last week of June.
"In every country, there are layered threats ... especially across the Sahel," said Marine Corps Gen. Michael Langley, commander of U.S. Africa Command [AFRICOM]. "Every country has their different type challenges and drivers of instability. That's ... what's going to be tabled for discussions."
archive G7-Africa partnership, UK migrant deportation scheme, Lobito Corridor
dw | How Ukraine is combating Russia's influence in Africa
"Ukraine realized that Africa is very, very important when it comes to building a strong position in the United Nations, in particular the General Assembly, because Africa presents the largest voting bloc of any continent," Ovigwe Eguegu, a Nigerian-based policy analyst at the international consultancy Development Reimagined.
biznews | Thelo Group to raise $250M for African rail expansion
It's also part of groups who have been shortlisted to develop the Trans-Kalahari Railway project, which will connect Botswana to Namibia's Walvis Bay, and the Boegoebaai project, a 50 billion rand ($2.7 billion) green hydrogen-focused port and rail network in South Africa should they go ahead.
Another way Ukraine is seeking to garner influence is through food diplomacy. Before the war, Ukraine was Africa's second-biggest supplier of maize and third-biggest supplier of wheat outside the continent, making it vital to food security on the continent.
archive 2023 Slava Big Israel! starving Africans
Ukraine started donating free grain as part of its Grain from Ukraine program set up in November 2022. So far, war-torn Sudan has received two shipments of flour, totaling more than 21,000 tons, milled from Ukrainian wheat. Ukraine has also donated wheat to Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia.

Fighting Russia on African soil
It seems that Ukraine is learning from Russia. It has reportedly sent a special forces unit to Sudan to support the army fight's against the rebel Rapid Support Forces, who, in turn, are backed by Russian mercenaries. While Ukraine hasn't officially confirmed or denied this, Ukraine military official Andriy Yusov told Politico magazine that "Ukrainian intelligence has to be present wherever there is a need to destroy the enemy, which is waging a full-scale war against Ukraine."

archive Ukrainian Special Forces 'Cleaning Up' Wagner Fighters in Sudan
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