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wapoo | Ukraine can use U.S. weapons for limited strikes in Russia (30.05.24)
The shift allows Ukraine to use U.S.-provided artillery and rocket launchers to hit Russian troops and equipment just across the border from Kharkiv and to strike missiles headed toward Ukrainian territory, U.S. officials said. They emphasized that the Biden administration's policy barring longer-range strikes inside Russia "has not changed."
dw | NATO chief: Time to rethink restrictions on Ukraine weaponry, 30 May
Biden signed off on the change several days ago, and the policy went info effect Thursday [30 May]. In a visit to Kyiv this month, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron said Ukraine has the right to use London-provided weapons to strike targets in Russia.
dw | Kyiv can now hit Russia with German weapons, 31 May
by Cat on Sun Jun 2nd, 2024 at 08:20:08 PM EST
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