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wapoo | U.S. concerned about Ukraine strikes on Russian nuclear radar stations, 29 May
At least one strike in Armavir, in Russia's southeastern Krasnodar region, appeared to have caused some damage....A Ukrainian official familiar with the matter, however, said that Russia has used the radar sites to monitor the Ukrainian military's activities, particularly Kyiv's use of aerial weaponry, such as drones and missiles.
wapoo | As Ukraine stumbles in war, Kyiv and Western powers struggle to coordinate (30.05.24)
The sharpest battlefield disagreement at the moment is whether Ukraine can use donated weapons to strike targets on Russian soil. The Biden administration has strictly prohibited Ukraine from using U.S. weaponry to do so because it fears that the heavy U.S. involvement required to operate the weapons could escalate the war into a direct conflict between Washington and Moscow, though it is reexamining its policy.
new fissures appear to emerge daily. On Wednesday, a U.S. official said Washington had expressed concerns to Kyiv over Ukraine's strikes—using its own weapons—on Russian radar stations that provide conventional air defense and early warning of nuclear launches by the West.
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