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the-star.ke bbc |Who's up, who's down in South Africa's election and why, 31 May
Here are three factors that explain how South Africa got here, why and what the future holds.

[1] Behind the ANC's free-fall...after three decades in power it has become synonymous with corruption and bad governance....

[2] The return of Zuma...to the political frontline under the banner of a new party, uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK), or Spear of the Nation. Results released so far suggest that the ANC has bled support mostly to MK, which could take control of KwaZulu-Natal province....

[3] The dawn of coalition politics... This is the result that many ANC members had resigned themselves to during the election campaign, and said the party could remain in power in coalition with smaller parties—like the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), which draws its support mainly from ethnic Zulus in KwaZulu-Natal, or the Muslim Al Jama-ah party. But if the ANC falls below 45%, it is likely to need a big party as a coalition partner.

31 May 'coalition country'. Partial election results put ruling ANC well below 50%
...Democratic Alliance [DA] leader John Steenhuisen said he was open to working with the ANC, although he would have to first speak with a group of other smaller parties with which he has a pre-election agreement. He said the possibility of the country's biggest political shift in 30 years "opens up a whole new universe for politics in South Africa and to start building something better for the people of South Africa."...
wapoo | South Africa's president urges parties to find common ground in talks after election deadlock, 2 June
...The ANC had said earlier Sunday that it was starting its negotiations with all major parties. More than 50 parties took part in the election, and at least eight had significant shares of the vote. At least 26 of them, including the MK Party led by former President Jacob Zuma, have lodged objections and complaints with the electoral body alleging voting irregularities, which it has promised to address....
sabcnews | Julius Malema has played the opening move on coalitions (02.06.24)
He has confirmed that the EFF does not only intend to work with the ANC but in fact wants to work with the ANC. He argues that they have done their strategic evaluation and are keen to go into a coalition with the ANC because it will never grow, along with everything else they mentioned. In the 2024 elections, in essence, the Economic Freedom Fighters [EFF] find themselves in the realm of the ambiguous in terms of their growth prospects in this election. The party's results were hovering at 8,67% when 18.19% of the votes were counted by midday on Thursday.
sabcnews | Supporters voted for Zuma believing he still represents ANC: Mtolo
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citizen.co.za | Date of president's inauguration will be announced, says Ntshavheni (03.06.24)
The seventh democratic Parliament has to be ushered within 14 days of the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) declaring the election results. The first sitting of the National Assembly will elect South Africa's new president. Ramaphosa is reportedly already facing calls for his resignation in light of the ANC's performance in the general election. But ANC secretary-general Fikile Mbalula has ruled out Ramaphosa stepping down as the party enters coalition talks with other political parties.
ANC NEC meeting opts for Government of National Unity over coalition, 6 June
"We have looked at various scenarios for setting up a government, as the ANC, with its 40% return of votes, cannot set up a government without cooperating with others," says Ramaphosa, pointing out that the NEC [National Executive Committee]  meeting has reached a consensus on the way forward.
EFF rejects ANC's proposal of a GNU if it encompasses DA, FF Plus, 7 June
On the other hand, the DA says it will only agree to be part of the ANC's proposed Government of National Unity if the MK Party, the EFF, and Patriotic Alliance (PA) are excluded.
polity.org.za | Ramaphosa congratulates Modi on third consecutive term in office, 7 June
He emphasised the importance of the two countries' continued cooperation to promote the agenda of the Global South, notably the reform of the global system of governance, and to align positions in global fora in the interest of strengthening multilateral organisations.
sabcnews | 'Formation of government won't be smooth sailing', 9 June
With eighteen political parties expected to form a government within the stipulated 14 days after the declaration of election results, political analyst Dr Oshupeng Maseng from the University of Mpumalanga believes this will not be smooth sailing. The ANC has already announced its stance, choosing a Government of National Unity as its preferred form of government. Maseng says coalitions in some of the municipalities in the country depict the instability that coalition government may bring.
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sabcnews | Over 50 delegates to be sworn in at NCOP's first sitting on Saturday, 12 June
Up to 54 permanent delegates drawn from nine provinces are expected to be sworn in at the first sitting of the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) on Saturday after the nine legislatures have been constituted. This will happen a day after the first sitting of the National Assembly which is expected to take place on Friday.
apanews  | Af'Sud : rejet de la tentative de Zuma de bloquer le parlement, 13 June
La Cour constitutionnelle d'Afrique du Sud a rejeté une demande de l'uMkhonto weSizwe (MK) visant à bloquer la première séance du parlement prévue vendredi, estimant qu'il n'était pas dans l'intérêt de la justice d'examiner l'affaire du parti de l'ancien président Jacob Zuma.
« Le requérant n'a pas réussi à justifier le fait qu'il n'ait pas introduit cette requête plus tôt alors qu'il était conscient de l'obligation constitutionnelle de convoquer l'Assemblée nationale au plus tard 14 jours après la proclamation des résultats de l'élection », a déclaré la Cour. L'urgence de la requête était donc « auto-créée », a jugé la Cour.
sabcnews | Teams ready to usher in 7th Parliament, 13 June
...Chief Justice Raymond Zondo announced that Friday is the first sitting to swear in MPs, elect the President, Speaker and Deputy Speaker. This per the Constitution, which states that the first sitting must be held no later than 14 days after the declaration of election results....
citizen.co.za | MK party slams 'conglomerate of rejects' as NFP leaves them out in the cold in KZN, 13 June
The National Freedom Party (NFP) will enter the Government of National Unity (GNU). This was announced by its leader President Ivan Barnes on Thursday. He announced the party will join the ANC, DA, and IFP in forming a government in KZN [KwaZulu-Natal], leaving the MK party without power despite it getting the most votes in the province last month.
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citizen.co.z | Ramaphosa re-elected as president, 14 June 283 votes to 44
"He will be inaugurated next week in Pretoria and is set to announce his cabinet soon."
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aljazeera | Iran opens registration for presidential race to replace late Raisi, 30 May
On Thursday, state media reported that "around 30 people" came forward to submit applications for candidacy, but "none of them met the basic conditions for qualification".
mehrnews | Names of Iran's presidential election candidates announced, 9 June
Masoud Pezeshkian, Mostafa Pour Mohammadi, Saeed Jalili, Alireza Zakani, Amirhossein Qazizadeh Hashemi, and Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf are set to compete at the upcoming presidential elections which is set to be held on

i24news.il | Iran announces final presidential candidates ahead of election

The exclusion of several high-profile figures, including ex-President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and former parliament speaker Ali Larijani, has stirred controversy and speculation about the direction of Iran's leadership.
presstv.ir | Iran gears up for 14th presidential election, 2 min. video (EN)
constitutional process, last Art. 131 election? 1981
iranintl.com | Iran OKs Final Six Presidential Candidates, Rejects Key Figures
On the other hand, the 'reformists' must be somewhat disappointed as only one of their official candidates has his credentials approved, Iranian analyst and Iran International contributor Behruz Turani said. The only reform-minded candidate, Pezeshkian's chances to win the presidency is uncertain because of his [Pishevari?] ethnic voter base, something that Khamenei is known to detest.
mehrnews | Iran acting FM departs for Moscow to attend BRICS meeting
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telesur | Iran and Bahrain to Begin Talks on Bilateral Ties Resumption, 24 June
On Monday, the Iranian Foreign Ministry announced that its country and Bahrain [.BH] have agreed to start talks on the resumption of bilateral political relations following an eight-year diplomatic freeze......In 2016, Bahrain severed diplomatic relations with Iran following Saudi Arabia's decision to cut ties with Tehran. The move came in response to attacks on Saudi diplomatic missions in Iran, which occurred after the execution of a Shiite cleric by Saudi Arabia.
< wipes tears >
In March 2023, Saudi Arabia and Iran reached a ground-breaking agreement in China to restore diplomatic relations and re-open their embassies and missions.
archive China brokers Saudi-Iran ...breakthrough
Joint Trilateral Statement by the People's Republic of China, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the Islamic Republic of Iran
The two countries formally declared in April of last year the resumption of diplomatic relations with immediate effect.

This announcement occurs in the middle of the electoral campaign for the early Iranian elections that will be held next Friday. This electoral process is being held as a result of the death of President Ebrahim Raisí in a helicopter accident that took place on May 19.

archive The Gulf Case, Dialing down US-KSA expectations, Abraham Accords Peace In Name Only in a Disturbed Joe Biden

BTW Blinken the undertaker (14 June 28-min A/V), Joshua Landis struggles to rationalize Biden? Middle East crazy talk, fails

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Thousands of polling stations set up in Iran for presidential election, 27 June
and two candidates have dropped out, leaving Masoud Pezeshkian, Mustafa Pour-Mohammadi, Saeed Jalili, and Mohammad-Bagher Ghalibaf on the ballot.
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mehrnews | Iranian expats in Canada can cast their votes on US soil, 27 June
Ballot boxes for Iran's presidential elections will be set up on the border between Canada and the United States following coordination with Iran's Interest Section in Washington
VOA asked the State Department how authorizing ballot stations in the U.S. for Iran, whose poor human rights record it has strongly criticized, is consistent with the U.S. view of Iranian elections as neither free nor fair.
after Canada refused to allow Iranian nationals residing in that country to have ballot boxes in its territory, he said.
presstv.ir | Polls close and vote counting begins in Iran, 28 June (20:30 GMT 29 June)
Simultaneously with the electoral procedure inside the country, as many as 314 polling stations have been serving Iranian expatriates throughout more than 100 foreign countries.
NY Yella Cake v.1 | Amid Perilous Times, Iran Holds Vote, 28 June 12:12:28 a.m. ET

NY Yella Cake v.2 7:12 p.m.ET: As voting proceeded in Iran's presidential election on Friday, early estimates from campaign officials showed that only about 40 percent of eligible voters appeared to be casting ballots. The low turnout was a potential blow to the ruling clerics, who made voter participation a marker of their legitimacy and had hoped to achieve 50 percent turnout, compared with 70 percent in past presidential elections.

ChatGPT reuters | Iran extends voting hours after supreme leader calls for high turnout in presidential election, 28 June
Khamenei called for a high turnout to offset a legitimacy crisis fuelled by public discontent over economic hardship and curbs on political and social freedom.

"The durability, strength, dignity and reputation of the Islamic Republic depend on people's presence," Khamenei told state television after casting his vote. "High turnout is a definite necessity."
Critics of Iran's clerical rule say that low and declining turnouts in recent years show the system's legitimacy has eroded. Just 48% of voters participated in the 2021 presidential election and turnout plumbed a record low of 41% in a parliamentary election in March.

punchline | India-Iran makeover, 28 June
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F24 | Iran to hold runoff election between reformist Masoud Pezeshkian and hard-liner Saeed Jalili, 29 June
The election this coming Friday will pit reformist candidate Masoud Pezeshkian against the hard-line former nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili.

Mohsen Eslami, an election spokesman, announced the result in a news conference carried by Iranian state television. He said of 24.5 million votes cast, Pezeshkian got 10.4 million while Jalili received 9.4 million. Parliament speaker Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf got 3.3 million. Shiite cleric Mostafa Pourmohammadi had more than 206,000 votes.... The election authority counted a total of 1,056,159 spoiled* ballots [excluded?].
[...]The turnout then was just under 49 percent [?], which at the time was the lowest in any presidential election in Iran.

mehrnews. | Iran presidential election goes to runoff, 29 June
The ninth update showed Pezeshkian had garnered 10,415,991 votes and Jalili 9,473,298 out of 24,535,185 votes counted. Ghalibaf and Pourmohammadi also received 3,383,340 and 206,397 votes, respectively.
Pezeshkian and Jalili will head into a run-off set for July 5. The second round is required if no candidate wins 50 percent of the vote, plus one. The two candidates are allowed to begin their election campaign from Sunday until Wednesday [3 July], Vahidi said. Campaigning has to stop 24 hours before the vote.
mehrnews "Front pages of Iran's English dailies on June 29"
Iran Daily, Tehran Times, and Kayhan Int'l featured, I guess, because of their large print circulation
More than 61 million Iranians were eligible to vote in Friday's election, many of them first-time voters.
turnout (%): 40
Iran presidential election heads to July 5 runoff between Pezeshkian and Jalili, 29 June
[Mohsen Eslami] said of 24.5 million votes cast
@PrssTVElection 29 June rolling ballot count
4:04 AM ballots: "over 25M"
5:26 AM ballots: 24,535,185
5:31 AM ballots: 24,535,295
former health minister and senior lawmaker Masoud Pezeshkian got 10.4 million while former lead nuclear negotiator and chief of the top security body Saeed Jalili received 9.4 million.
Voting was extended three times on Friday, each time by two hours, after 6:00 p.m. local time when the polling was supposed to close as per the Constitutional requirement of a 10-hour voting period.
* 5:26 AM  4 candidate sum = "over 25M" cast - "spoiled ballots". m'k. Word on the vine is, "spoiled ballots" are blank ballots cast. So, total "participation" including "protest" indeed exceeded 25M, which is not "just under 49%" of 61M anyway.
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barrons | Mauritanian Presidential Election Set For June 29, 20 Apr
The first round of Mauritania's presidential election will take place on June 29, with a possible second round on July 14, according to a presidential decree published on Saturday. Outgoing President Mohamed Ould Ghazouani, 67, is expected to be the clear favourite in the election though he has not yet announced his candidacy.
Seven prominent opponents have so far said they will take part in the election. The well-known anti-slavery activist and opponent Biram Dah Abeid, who was a runner-up in the last presidential election, has also said he intends to stand as a candidate.
apanews | Presidential election in Mauritania: the campaign officially starts this Thursday, 13 June
Un an après la tenue des élections législatives, municipales et régionales, les Mauritaniens sont encore appelés aux urnes. Le samedi 29 juin 2024, ils éliront leur président de la République pour les cinq prochaines années.

Officiellement, les sept candidats engagés dans la course au palais iront à la rencontre des électeurs du 13 au 27 juin 2024. Le président Mohamed Ould Ghazouani, dont le parti est arrivé en tête des dernières élections, brigue un second mandat.

Face à lui, il y a l'opposant et « militant des droits humains » Biram Dah Abeid et le candidat Mohamed Lemine Elwavi, haut fonctionnaire au Trésor mauritanien. Tous deux ont participé au scrutin de 2019.

risis24.garda | Mauritania: Political gatherings and associated disruptions likely in cities across country in lead-up to June 29 presidential election, 13 June SECURITY THREATS
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