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the-star.ke bbc |Who's up, who's down in South Africa's election and why, 31 May
Here are three factors that explain how South Africa got here, why and what the future holds.

[1] Behind the ANC's free-fall...after three decades in power it has become synonymous with corruption and bad governance....

[2] The return of Zuma...to the political frontline under the banner of a new party, uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK), or Spear of the Nation. Results released so far suggest that the ANC has bled support mostly to MK, which could take control of KwaZulu-Natal province....

[3] The dawn of coalition politics... This is the result that many ANC members had resigned themselves to during the election campaign, and said the party could remain in power in coalition with smaller parties—like the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), which draws its support mainly from ethnic Zulus in KwaZulu-Natal, or the Muslim Al Jama-ah party. But if the ANC falls below 45%, it is likely to need a big party as a coalition partner.

31 May 'coalition country'. Partial election results put ruling ANC well below 50%
...Democratic Alliance [DA] leader John Steenhuisen said he was open to working with the ANC, although he would have to first speak with a group of other smaller parties with which he has a pre-election agreement. He said the possibility of the country's biggest political shift in 30 years "opens up a whole new universe for politics in South Africa and to start building something better for the people of South Africa."...
wapoo | South Africa's president urges parties to find common ground in talks after election deadlock, 2 June
...The ANC had said earlier Sunday that it was starting its negotiations with all major parties. More than 50 parties took part in the election, and at least eight had significant shares of the vote. At least 26 of them, including the MK Party led by former President Jacob Zuma, have lodged objections and complaints with the electoral body alleging voting irregularities, which it has promised to address....
sabcnews | Julius Malema has played the opening move on coalitions (02.06.24)
He has confirmed that the EFF does not only intend to work with the ANC but in fact wants to work with the ANC. He argues that they have done their strategic evaluation and are keen to go into a coalition with the ANC because it will never grow, along with everything else they mentioned. In the 2024 elections, in essence, the Economic Freedom Fighters [EFF] find themselves in the realm of the ambiguous in terms of their growth prospects in this election. The party's results were hovering at 8,67% when 18.19% of the votes were counted by midday on Thursday.
sabcnews | Supporters voted for Zuma believing he still represents ANC: Mtolo
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