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thehindu | BJP poised to get third term; both BJP and Congress may register small gains in vote share (02.06.24)
The BJP made every effort this time to make an impact in both States of the east, and of the south. These efforts are likely to pay off with BJP's vote in these regions increasing compared with last time. On the other hand, for the Congress, its gains are likely to be rather chaotically spread across a few States, perhaps not enough for the party to make an impressive gain in terms of seats. This asymmetry of performance is likely to help the BJP and disappoint the Congress. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is Congress' ally only in Gujarat, Haryana and Delhi; and the Trinamool Congress (TMC) only in Uttar Pradesh.
ptinews | Cong, INDIA bloc trying to undermine electoral process, alleges BJP, 2 June
The delegation submitted a memorandum to the Election Commission (EC) in this regard.

"We had to call upon the Election Commission today in light of the repeated attempts by a section of political parties, like the Congress and their INDI alliance partners, and also by certain motivated civil society groups and NGOs who are trying their level best to undermine the integrity of India's electoral process," Goyal told reporters after meeting EC officials.
Earlier in the day, a delegation of opposition INDIA bloc leaders, including Congress' Abhishek Singhvi, met the EC and urged it to ensure that all the guidelines, including declaring the postal-ballot results before the outcome of the EVMs is announced, are followed on June 4. ...Terming the exit polls "bogus", the Congress on Sunday said they were a "deliberate attempt to justify rigging" of the elections and part of "psychological games" being played by Prime Minister Modi to lower the morale of the INDIA bloc workers. Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi dubbed the exit polls as "Modi media poll".

Hindustan Times: OpenAI Makes Big Interference In Indian Elections Claim, Draws Israel Link; Modi Minister Responds, A/V (EN) 4:6
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Official ballot tally is incomplete. BUT. The headlines are. The WORLD'S LARGEST DEMOCRACY trimmed BJP majority in the LOK SABHA to 40% of seats.
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