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omg. I've been revising a post about Biden's counterfeit "Israel proposal" since last Friday's inexplicable afternoon broadcast. The first draft was wildly impolitic. Successive drafts drifted into the weeds over the weekend as I wrote dialogue for a cast of four WH advisers, burdened by the task of persuading "ima Zionist" Joe to change tack with facts on the ground in Gaza and failure of "Gulf Case" mega-deals against the backdrop of world-class opprobrium. Naturally, I assigned MOTIVATION a ROLE in my one act drama.

me: With confidence in the American system of justice and customary braggadocio JOE co-opted the studied patience that Gulf diplomats had cultivated in his absence.

Now, this.
"I did it": Biden demands credit for foreign policy, domestic achievements

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White House fires back at Wall Street Journal over Biden story, 6 June
Democrats rallied to Biden's defense and took issue with key parts of the story, blasting the [pay-wall 04.06.24] Journal for largely citing the accounts of Republican officials who had spent time with the president, including former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). The [semi-secret] Journal story was based on interviews with 45 people over several months, including Democrats and Republicans who were in meetings with Biden or briefed on them. The [hidden] story cites examples of Biden reading from notes in meetings on Ukraine aid, sometimes deferring questions to aides and at times speaking too softly to be audible or closing his eyes. "Most of those who said Biden performed poorly were Republicans, but some Democrats said that he showed his age in several of the exchanges," the Journal reported.
Pelosi slams Wall Street Journal article on Biden's mental acuity as 'hit piece', 6 June
That's some fancy footwork around the consolidated FOIA lawsuit to release audio record of Special Counsel R. Hur's interview with the "well-meaning elderly man". Evidently, plaintiffs are not satisfied with either US Atty Weinsheimer's clinical opinion on "executive privilege" or selected "draft" transcripts delivered 11 March, (a) 8.10.23, 159 pp | (b) 9.10.23, 99 pp

archive Read the special counsel's report 9 Feb 2024

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