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voa* | Anna Neistat: Clooney Foundation seeks criminal prosecution of Russian propagandists, 30 May

Now international organizations investigating the role of Russian propaganda in Russia's aggressive war against Ukraine say that the organizers and agents of information support for this war should be prosecuted in the same way as war criminals.

One such organization is the Clooney Foundation for Justice, founded by human rights activist Amal Clooney and her husband, the famous American actor George Clooney. Anna ["Anya"] Neistat, Director of Legal Affairs for the Clooney Foundation's Docket [Initiative], told Danila Galperovich about the ways in which she and her colleagues are trying to bring Russian propagandists to justice.
VOA: What exactly are you doing to bring Russian propagandists to justice? Tell us about your method of doing this.

latimes | Biden, Trump head to Southern California in June for big-dollar fundraisers (13.05.24 TOWING UKRAINE AND ISRAEL)
In 2012, Clooney hosted a fundraiser for Obama at his Studio City house that raised $15 million for his re-election effort, believed at the time to be the largest one-night campaign haul.
NEISTAT: There are two main approaches to this, which we are mastering, despite the fact that there are other ways, but they are much more complex. I don't want to go too deep into legal casuistry, but I will tell you about two ways. First, the charge of incitement to genocide. [...]  In other words, one of the ways to prosecute Russian propagandists is to appeal to the ICC with a request to bring them to justice and open an investigation into their involvement in incitement to genocide. But this path is not the easiest, given all the legal difficulties associated with proving this crime, and given how many cases the ICC is currently considering—both related to UKRAINE and all the others < wipes tears >. But I think that even purely symbolically, if the ICC considers the possibility of such an investigation, such a signal will be absolutely correct.

However, a more practical way is to bring charges of propaganda of war. This is a crime that is still present in the criminal codes of several European countries. The construction of the articles there is quite interesting, but the crime itself is very simple, simpler than incitement to genocide: it is literally propaganda of war < wink, wink >.

* Russian lang. VOA, golosameriki

tr.im | George Clooney's Docket [Initiative] Seeks Secret Arrest Warrants for Russian Journalists in Europe , 31 May

We plan to hunt down Russian journalists through secret arrest warrants."
ChatGPT | George Clooney Denies Plans to Seek Arrest of Russian Journalists, 3 June
On Monday, the Hollywood actor issued a statement through his organization saying that "someone in our foundation misspoke."
Williams, K., "A New History of War Reporting," 25 pp excerpt
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