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Is this Sino- or Ruso-disinfoo?
In 2018 the National Assembly of France established a single EP electoral "constituency" (81 seats). Prior to that, eight EP electoral districts, drawn in proportion to population size, elected candidates for the number of EP seats apportioned to each. It's rumored that 37 parties registered 3,000 candidates for France's trailing EP election (9 June). I am thrilled to learn, le gouvernment requires original identity documents in lieu of a valid voter card at one's polling place—a contentious limitation to freedoms of persons resident in US America. I suppose, also-ran EP candidates will nominate themselves for NA seats in 2027.

Atlantic MSM, G7 MSM, fixation on the outcome of MEP elections this week contrasts with months-long alarm that corruption of EU27 parliaments by far-right EPP "national populists" is imminent (2027).

Regarding the National Assembly of France, French PM steps in to boost Macron's ailing EU parliament campaign

Regarding G7 joint ventures to vanquish RUSSIA, with or without the imprimatur of global peace summit delegates, Macron, Zelensk* to discuss Ukraine's needs in Paris on Friday. The Ukrainian president will be welcomed by France's Armed Forces Minister Sebastien Lecornu with military honours on Friday morning, deliver a speech in the National Assembly, and meet with the speaker of the lower house Yael Braun-Pivet. Opposition leader of right-wing Republicans in parliament, Olivier Marleix, said, it was "inappropriate" to invite Zelensk* during EP elections.

Biden to meet with Zelensk* in France
Jake Sullivan debriefed reporters en route to France on Tuesday night. He also noted that Biden will "be with" Zelensk* in Italy for the G7 meeting next week.

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European citizens still face administrative hurdles to vote, 10 June
The [EP] elections are the world's second-largest democratic ballot after India.
However, compared to other elections, EU citizens face a complicated web of administrative hurdles they need to overcome to be eligible to vote.

While citizens are automatically registered to vote in national elections, things are more complicated when it comes to the [EP] elections, especially for people not living in their country of citizenship.

In most EU countries, these citizens have to register with local authorities to be eligible to vote in their country of residence if they hold citizenship from another EU state—with procedures and deadlines varying from country to country and voters having to register up to 90 days in advance, as is the case in Italy.

GOTV 2024 Managment is still crunching the numbers
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