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libertarianinstitute | US Testing Anti-Drone Weapon for War with Russia in Gaza, 4 Jan
The US has deployed a new combat vehicle to Gaza with the aim of field testing the weapon for use in Ukraine, as the Pentagon hopes it will help repel Russian drone attacks. Moscow's forces have made significant territorial gains in Ukraine, in part, by overwhelming Kiev's air defenses.

The Defense Department stationed two Mobile-Low, Slow, Small-Unmanned Aircraft Integrated Defeat Systems (M-LIDS) in Gaza stating in May, the Telegraph reported [scrubbed msn telegraph file; 14.05.24 title].

@Sprinter May 20, 2024
Centurion C-RAM and M-LIDS battery photo and video  
armyrecognition | US Army Deploys Its New M-LIDS Counter-Drone System for the First Time to Protect Gaza Floating Pier (21.05.24)
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bulgarianmilitary | US M-LIDS system's first baptism by fire in the Middle East (22.05.24)
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"The US Army sailed some of its coastal landing ships to Gaza as part of the US military's humanitarian flotilla, the ships carried one of the initial M-LIDS vehicle sets," the outlet wrote, adding that "At least one M-LIDS vehicle rolled down the pier and took up station at the edge of the beach."
That sooo Obama 2014 ebola "logistical support"
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