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whitehouse | Remarks by President Biden on the Middle East, 31 May
"Now, after intensive diplomacy carried out by my team and my many conversations with leaders of Israel, Qatar, and Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries, Israel has now offered—Israel has offered a comprehensive new proposal."
ChatGPT | Around 80 hostages still alive in Gaza—Israel, 4 June
A total of 43 Israelis who were abducted by Hamas on October 7 have been declared dead in absentia, according to official estimates

The four hostages perished while the country's military was operating in the city [Khan Younis], IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari admitted.

"We are thoroughly examining the circumstances of their deaths and checking all possibilities. We will soon present the findings, first to their families, and then to the public. We will present them with transparency, as we have done until now," he added.

ChatGPT | Aid is delivered to Gaza from newly repaired US-built pier, US military says, 8 June JLOTS watch
The first aid from an American-built pier arrived in Gaza on Saturday since storm damage required repairs to the project, the U.S. military said, relaunching an effort to bring supplies to Palestinians by sea that had been plagued with problems. The pier constructed by the U.S. military was operational for only about a week before it was BLOWN APART in high winds and heavy seas on May 25. A damaged section was reconnected to the beach in Gaza on Friday after being repaired at an Israeli port [ASHDOD].

About 1.1 million pounds (492 metric tons) of humanitarian aid was delivered to Gaza through the pier on Saturday, U.S. Central Command said in a statement. It reiterated that no U.S. military personnel went ashore in Gaza.

ChatGPT | At least 94 killed by Israeli airstrikes in central Gaza as Israeli operations intensify, 8 June Nuseirat refugee camp
The deliveries came the same day that Israel mounted a heavy air and ground assault that rescued four hostages, who had been taken by Hamas during the Oct. 7 attack that launched the war in Gaza. At least 210 [?] Palestinians, including children, were killed, a Gaza health official said.
ChatGPT | Gaza's Health Ministry says 274 Palestinians were killed in Israeli raid that rescued 4 hostages, 9 June Nuseirat refugee camp "labyrinth of tunnels"
nypost | Inside one of the `most complicated hostage rescue missions in history' that saved four captured Israelis, 8 June
"Noa Argamani, 25, Almog Meir Jan, 21, Andri Kozlov, 27, and Shlomi Ziv, 41, were saved during the "Summer Seeds" operation in Nuseirat, central Gaza, at 11 a.m. local time Saturday, IDF spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari announced."
RT | Israeli troops free four hostages from Gaza - video
"A Russian citizen was among those liberated during a daylight raid in the heart of the enclave"
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So many NCOs, so few recruits to crush Hezbollah and Hamas.
F24 | Israeli army in urgent need of troops amid rising casualties in Gaza (19.06.24)
The Israeli army does not officially comment on the state of fatigue of its troops, but the signs are clear. "We are seeing examples of sooner-than-expected rotation of brigades and battalions," said Steven Wagner, historian and lecturer in international security at Brunel University London. In other words, the soldiers need more frequent breaks. The situation is complicated by increased fighting between Hezbollah and Israeli forces on Israel's northern border with Lebanon, reported the US public radio NPR. An extension of the war in the north "would be catastrophic for both Lebanon and Israel", said Bregman. "In terms of soldiers, tanks and quality of equipment everything is fine on paper for a short war. But in terms of a long war with Hezbollah, no, Israel isn't ready, and it's mainly about morale," said Omri Brinner, a Middle East analyst at the International Team for the Study of Security Verona (ITSS).  

Approve exit strategy. Israeli military to hand occupied West Bank real estate to Smotrich Finance Ministry

haaretz | Number of Israeli Hostages Still Alive in Gaza Estimated to Be as Low as 50 (20.06.24)
According to the [Pay] Wall Street Journal report, the IDF has rescued 7 hostages alive, compared to 105 brought home through a release deal and 50 that are believed to have been killed, 19 of whose bodies have been brought back to Israel by the army. Paradoxically, the success of Israel's raid could actually make the remaining hostages' conditions worse as Hamas moves them to more secure locations.
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