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yahoo! DPA | Germany's Scholz to attend D-Day 80th anniversary events, 31 May
"Macron did not invite any representatives from the Russian government to attend the D-Day anniversary events because of Russia's ongoing military invasion of Ukraine."

ChatGPT | A MASS PARACHUTE JUMP over Normandy kicks off commemorations for the 80th anniversary of D-Day, 4 June
"Part of the purpose of fireworks shows, parachute jumps, solemn commemorations and ceremonies that world leaders will attend this week is to pass the baton of remembrance to the current generations now seeing war again in Europe, in Ukraine. U.S. President Joe Biden, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensk* and British royals are among the VIPs that France is expecting for D-Day events."

NY Yella Cake | Zelensk* Shares Emotional Moment With U.S. Veteran at D-Day Ceremony, 6 June

The veteran, Melvin Hurwitz, embraced the Ukrainian president and called him "the savior of the people." Mr. Zelensk* told Mr. Hurwitz that he and his fellow World War II veterans had "saved Europe."
yahoo! Hill | Zelensk* compares retaking of Kherson to D-Day (15.11.22)
Their embrace mirrored a connection that President Biden made explicit in his remarks at the ceremony, in which he cast the allied effort to repel the Russian invasion of Ukraine as an extension of the ["]battle for freedom in Europe["] that unfolded on Normandy's beaches eight decades ago."
Biden and Zelensk* to meet amid tensions over pace of U.S. military aid, 6 June: "It's a familiar pattern we've seen again and again. It's usually: `No, No, Maybe, Yes,'" said John Herbst, a retired career diplomat and former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine.
"We know the DARK FORCES that these heroes fought against 80 years ago," Mr. Biden said, addressing a crowd of thousands, including 180 surviving veterans of the D-Day operation, near the graves of 9,388 American service members.
abcnews | 9 members of Congress parachute jump over Normandy for D-Day anniversary: Reps. Crow (D-CO), Waltz (R-FL), Crenshaw (R-TX), Jackson, (R-TX), McCormick (R-GA), Green (R-TN), Mills (R-FL), Issa (R-CA), Self (R-TX)
"They never fade," Mr. Biden added. "Aggression and greed, the desire to dominate and control, to change borders by force—these are perennial. The struggle between dictatorship and freedom is unending."
globalsecurity.org | Federal Chancellor at D-Day commemoration ceremony - Ouest France Olaf
The Allied landing in Normandy on 6 June 1944, 80 years ago today, was a day of liberation. It was a day of liberation for France and for many countries of Europe that had to endure a reign of terror under German occupation. But it was also a day of liberation for Germany itself. After all, the landing of the Allies on the beaches of Normandy marked the beginning of the end of the barbaric system of National Socialism, of its racist fanaticism, and militarism, of its will to exterminate and its imperialistic < wipes tears > fantasies....
I noted with interest that several aged US American veterans, included by ChatGPT in Genocide Joe's entourage, were no where on the beach—or the eastern front.
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