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citizen.co.za | Date of president's inauguration will be announced, says Ntshavheni (03.06.24)
The seventh democratic Parliament has to be ushered within 14 days of the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) declaring the election results. The first sitting of the National Assembly will elect South Africa's new president. Ramaphosa is reportedly already facing calls for his resignation in light of the ANC's performance in the general election. But ANC secretary-general Fikile Mbalula has ruled out Ramaphosa stepping down as the party enters coalition talks with other political parties.
ANC NEC meeting opts for Government of National Unity over coalition, 6 June
"We have looked at various scenarios for setting up a government, as the ANC, with its 40% return of votes, cannot set up a government without cooperating with others," says Ramaphosa, pointing out that the NEC [National Executive Committee]  meeting has reached a consensus on the way forward.
EFF rejects ANC's proposal of a GNU if it encompasses DA, FF Plus, 7 June
On the other hand, the DA says it will only agree to be part of the ANC's proposed Government of National Unity if the MK Party, the EFF, and Patriotic Alliance (PA) are excluded.
polity.org.za | Ramaphosa congratulates Modi on third consecutive term in office, 7 June
He emphasised the importance of the two countries' continued cooperation to promote the agenda of the Global South, notably the reform of the global system of governance, and to align positions in global fora in the interest of strengthening multilateral organisations.
sabcnews | 'Formation of government won't be smooth sailing', 9 June
With eighteen political parties expected to form a government within the stipulated 14 days after the declaration of election results, political analyst Dr Oshupeng Maseng from the University of Mpumalanga believes this will not be smooth sailing. The ANC has already announced its stance, choosing a Government of National Unity as its preferred form of government. Maseng says coalitions in some of the municipalities in the country depict the instability that coalition government may bring.
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sabcnews | Over 50 delegates to be sworn in at NCOP's first sitting on Saturday, 12 June
Up to 54 permanent delegates drawn from nine provinces are expected to be sworn in at the first sitting of the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) on Saturday after the nine legislatures have been constituted. This will happen a day after the first sitting of the National Assembly which is expected to take place on Friday.
apanews  | Af'Sud : rejet de la tentative de Zuma de bloquer le parlement, 13 June
La Cour constitutionnelle d'Afrique du Sud a rejeté une demande de l'uMkhonto weSizwe (MK) visant à bloquer la première séance du parlement prévue vendredi, estimant qu'il n'était pas dans l'intérêt de la justice d'examiner l'affaire du parti de l'ancien président Jacob Zuma.
« Le requérant n'a pas réussi à justifier le fait qu'il n'ait pas introduit cette requête plus tôt alors qu'il était conscient de l'obligation constitutionnelle de convoquer l'Assemblée nationale au plus tard 14 jours après la proclamation des résultats de l'élection », a déclaré la Cour. L'urgence de la requête était donc « auto-créée », a jugé la Cour.
sabcnews | Teams ready to usher in 7th Parliament, 13 June
...Chief Justice Raymond Zondo announced that Friday is the first sitting to swear in MPs, elect the President, Speaker and Deputy Speaker. This per the Constitution, which states that the first sitting must be held no later than 14 days after the declaration of election results....
citizen.co.za | MK party slams 'conglomerate of rejects' as NFP leaves them out in the cold in KZN, 13 June
The National Freedom Party (NFP) will enter the Government of National Unity (GNU). This was announced by its leader President Ivan Barnes on Thursday. He announced the party will join the ANC, DA, and IFP in forming a government in KZN [KwaZulu-Natal], leaving the MK party without power despite it getting the most votes in the province last month.
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citizen.co.z | Ramaphosa re-elected as president, 14 June 283 votes to 44
"He will be inaugurated next week in Pretoria and is set to announce his cabinet soon."
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