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newsqueak | Netanyahu Responds After Benny Gantz Resigns, 9 June
Upon [Gantz's] resignation, Netanyahu posted on X, formerly Twitter, a national call and wrote: "Citizens of Israel, we will keep fighting until victory and the achievement of all of the goals of the war, first of which is to free all of our hostages and to eliminate Hamas." He added: "My door will stay open to any Zionist party that is willing to share the burden and help bring victory over our enemies and ensure the safety of our citizens," according to The Jerusalem Post's translation.
jpost | 'This is exactly what Sinwar, Nasrallah, and Iran were aiming for', YOU ARE HAMAS! X flame war translations
Yisrael Beiteinu chairman Avigdor Liberman wrote in a statement to X, "Better late than never, the time has come for a Zionist coalition."
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17 June
i24news.tv | Netanyahu dissolves war cabinet, says no need after Gantz's resignation
Netanyahu made it clear that he will continue limited [?]security consultations. He rejected establishing a forum of coalition heads for security consultations, an idea that was brought up during the meeting. In practice, the expanded [?!] cabinet will meet more often. According to < wipes tears > Israeli law, the powers and responsibilities for making decisions on managing the war effort are vested in State Security Cabinet.
israelhayom.co.il | Netanyahu announced at a meeting of his political-security cabinet: "There is no war cabinet anymore."
As mentioned, the prime minister's announcement comes in the background of Ben Gvir[!]s demand to join the limited forum and after the retirement of Benny Gantz [!] and Gadi Eizenkot [!], whose entry into the government at the beginning of the war led to its establishment. At a cabinet meeting yesterday, National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir criticized the conduct of the army and the management of the war.

"If the army does not inform the government that there is a humanitarian lull ["tactical pause"?] between 8:00 and 19:00 pm, then stop deluding yourself, we will not be able to bring the residents back and terrorism will only increase," he said.

bbc | Israeli PM scraps war cabinet after key departures
"Cabinet members are being changed and the method is being changed. We have the echelon, we know the chain of command. We're working according to the chain of command. This is a democracy," IDF's chief spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari [!] told reporters.
euronews | Netanyahu dissolves war cabinet amid coalition shifts
Netanyahu now plans to consult a smaller group of ministers on critical decisions related to the Gaza war. This group will include Defence Minister Yoav Gallant and Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer, both of whom were members of the now-dissolved war cabinet.
archive ICC elephants in da house
Netanyahu under pressure
The Israeli PM had been under pressure from his nationalist-religious coalition partners, Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich and National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, who sought inclusion in the war cabinet. Their inclusion, however, risked exacerbating tensions with international allies, including the US.
lolwut U.S.-Israel Strategic Consultative Group
wapoo | Netanyahu dissolves war cabinet but plans to keep far right sidelined
bwahahahahaha m'k hahahaha shure. alrighty, then.
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axios | U.S. to release part of suspended bomb shipment to Israel (28.06.24)
About 1,700 500-lb. bombs are expected to be delivered after Israel's operation in Rafah ends, which is expected to happen in two weeks, according to an Israeli official. Israel says it needs the bombs in case fighting with Hezbollah on the northern border escalates into an all out war. U.S. and Israeli officials say the Biden administration is still reviewing another part of the shipment that includes 1,800 2,000-lb. bombs. U.S. and Israeli officials said the release of the 500-lb. bombs was one of the issues discussed, including in the meeting between Israel's Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant and senior White House officials. The officials said the solution was to separate the 500-lb. bombs from the rest of the shipment, which includes the 2,000-lb. bombs that are still on hold.
voting to "finish the job"
US House Votes to Suppress Gaza Death Toll, 27 June
"Rep. Jared Moskowitz's (D-FL) amendment to H.R. 8771, the State Department Foreign Operations and Related Programs Appropriations Act of 2025, passed by a vote of 269-144 on Thursday with broad bipartisan support."

European Council, 27 June 2024, "stressed that any action to weaken the Palestinian Authority must stop and called on Israel to release any withheld clearance revenue"

Trump dodges question on whether he will recognize Palestine's independence, 28 June
"In his opinion, Biden fails to provide Israel enough support to allow the Jewish state defeat the radical Hamas movement. Biden, in turn, said the only thing he had denied to Israel was 2,000-pound bombs."

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