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thehill | New map shows vast potential for geothermal energy beneath entire US (04.06.24)
Much of the vast fleet of U.S. military bases, coal plants, and industrial facilities sits atop a prime resource for clean energy: layers of hot rock deep within the earth. Geothermal is the focus of wide and bipartisan interest from eNtiTIes ranging from the fossil fuel majors to climate groups to the U.S. Department of Energy—a focus that has led to a boom in new startups. The GeoMap data shows that virtually every military base in the West, and most of those in Texas, sits atop geothermal resources suitable to generate electric power—a fact that has not been lost on the Department of Defense, which is funding pilot projects at six military bases across the West. Texas in particular stands out: The data shows a hundred-mile-wide corridor of near-surface geothermal heat that cuts across the state from the Rio Grande Valley northwest past Houston to Shreveport, La. One nearer-term site of future interest is the data center industry, which is at the leading edge of a boom in U.S. electricity demand that is pushing regional grids toward the breaking point—and which has an urgent need for cooling as well as electricity.
The Geothermal Exploration Opportunities Map Beta (GeoMapTM)
Unlike wind or solar, [Project Innerspace spox Drew] Nelson said, that potential isn't obvious to those standing on the surface. In the past, "the only way heretofore to figure out if your site was a match for geothermal was to go and drill a hole in the ground. And that gets really expensive really quick. But with this tool, the idea is that we're significantly reducing the barriers to figure out does it make sense to do geothermal in your given area?"

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GT | China's first zero-carbon desert highway produces 5m kW green power, 11 June
As of Monday, China's first zero-carbon desert highway—the longest photovoltaic (PV) demonstration project for irrigation and sand control at the Tarim Oilfield in the Taklimakan Desert, Northwest China's Xinjiang [!] Uygur Autonomous Region—had generated more than 5 million kilowatts of green electricity, realizing sand control and environmental protection, China Media Group (CMG) reported on Tuesday.

According to the CMG, the demonstration project has set up 86 PV power stations along the desert highway, generating electricity to irrigate more than 3,100 hectares of ecological protection forests along the highway, providing a comprehensive alternative to diesel power pumping irrigation.

China's largest environmental desert control PV project in Kubuqi desert, 3 Dec 2023
Inner Mongolia. The project will use drones in seeding and planting high-quality pasture grass and medicinal herbs under the PV power panels, achieving ecological restoration while developing agriculture in the field.
archive Tarim ultra-deep wells 2022, October 2021 ancient history, Spiegel Online 2007
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worldbank.org | Curbing Desertification in China (04.07.2019)
Since 2012, a US$80 million World Bank-financed project has been helping to control desertification, rehabilitate natural vegetation, and introduce other ecological protection measures in seven counties and cities in Ningxia.The effort to control sand received a boost in funding from the project. Based on experience accumulated over the past six decades and site-specific conditions, a 1+4 approach to restoring vegetation has been adopted....
euronews AP | The Maowusu Desert in China has vanished from the map (17.05.20)
"The Maowusu Desert, in northern China's Inner Mongolia Region, was one of four major deserts in the country, until it vanished from the map. Thanks to decades of work, 93.24 per cent of the land has turned green...."
gov.cn | Kubuqi Desert in North China turns green thanks to efforts of local people (29.09.20)
Photos show sand-fixing forest, a photovoltaic power base, highway, and irrigation installations in Kubuqi Desert in Ordos of Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

gov.cn | Inner Mongolia set to clean up its energy act (12.03.21)
It will strictly control substandard and repetitive projects in energy-intensive industries, while encouraging enterprises to step up upgrading and transformation efforts to make room for energy consumption in high-quality development. The region will also accelerate the establishment of a new energy supply system that features intensive, efficient and comprehensive use of multiple forms of energy, to increase utilization of renewables and gradually reverse the coal-centered energy mix.

cn.gov | China to raise desert reclamation endeavors (18.06.22)
"By 2025, China plans to restore an additional 6.7 million hectares of desert areas with forests and grasslands, adding to the 18.8 million hectares the country has recovered over the last 10 years..."
xinhua | "Green Great Wall" safeguards oases in desert (06.07.23)
"The Babusha Forest Farm has successively completed sand control and afforestation of over 280,000 mu (about 18,667 hectares) of land, and the transition zone from the oasis to the desert has expanded by 30 km as a whole."
xinhua | China's anti-desertification practice amazes international students, 17 June

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euronews | Scientists have built a 'digital twin' of Earth to predict the future of climate change , 11 June
The project, activated by the European Commission on 10 June with over €315 million in funding from the Digital Europe programme, hopes to provide a method of testing scenarios that will help policymakers and scientists to prepare for the future.
DestinE will be used to help Europe respond to natural disasters more effectively, adapt to climate change, and assess the potential socioeconomic and policy impacts of such events. Hypothetical scenarios such as building wind farms across Europe and information on where to plant crops as our climate changes could be provided by the model.

"If you are planning a two-​metre high dike in The Netherlands, for example, I can run through the data in my digital twin and check whether the dike will in all likelihood still protect against expected extreme events in 2050," said Peter Bauer, co-initiator of Project Destination Earth, when the project was initially announced in 2021.

Up to 5m of beach are disappearing from this Spanish coast every year: Is climate change to blame?, 10 June
According to the Ministry of Ecological Transition, this specific stretch of coastline [Costa del Sol] has lost more than 200,000 square metres of beach during this time period [2016-202]. Initially made vulnerable by human action it is now being eroded by climate change.
Patching the damage is costing the Spanish government tens of millions of euros each year. Sand has to be brought in from elsewhere to fill up the beaches for the summer tourism season. This sand is then, once again, pulled away by erosion—sometimes at a faster rate than it can be replaced.
Most of the surface ozone contributing to deaths in Europe is 'imported' pollution from elsewhere, 6 June
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CBAM: European businesses grapple with 'bureaucratic madness', 24 June
leveled playing field
The scheme will impose tariffs on a range of carbon-intensive products imported into the EU, such as cement, steel, aluminium, and fertiliser, unless exporting countries set their own domestic charge on the associated carbon emissions. For now, the scheme is just collecting data. Tariffs for foreign products will only apply from 2026.
CBAM sets 31 July as the final deadline for reporting on 2023 imports. In anticipation of this date, companies' compliance workers are attending technical briefings hosted by the European Commission's tax department [!] to understand what to file where.
taxation-customs.ec.europa.eu | Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism: an overview of the technical and practical aspects of the transitional registry, 19 June 2024: "a detailed overview of the current state of play of the CBAM regulation"
The ISO 14067 is today's global standard for quantifying the CO2 emissions associated with products—and will not be integrated into CBAM reporting. It is just one of many details challenging compliance workers. Reporting itself can only be conducted if the importer [?] of a product has an EU ["]presence["]. Otherwise, they must nominate someone in their stead.
archive Paris transition action scam
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ChatGPT | Maryland officials release timeline, cost estimate, for rebuilding bridge, 2 May: "Maryland plans to rebuild the Francis Scott Key Bridge in just over four years at an estimated cost between $1.7 billion and $1.9 billion"

dezeen | Carlo Ratti Associati proposes replacement for collapsed Baltimore bridge, 7 May AI-enabled CBAM

...In contrast to a cable-stayed bridge, the former Key Bridge was a steel arch continuous through truss bridge, an option that while strong, can be expensive and time-consuming to construct. This means it's more material-efficient and ultimately sustainable, according to the team.

"In terms of sustainability, Baltimore's cable-stayed design is one of the most material-efficient ways to build at the proposed span, minimizing the project's embodied carbon," said the [Carlo Ratti Associati] team.
It would also include integrated "smart features" that build upon Ratti's Good Vibrations research as a professor at MIT—which included capturing vibration data from smartphones placed in vehicles crossing the Golden Gate Bridge....

ChatGPT baltimoresun | Congress hasn't approved 100% funding of Key Bridge replacement, 6 June: "some have expressed sticker shock. Key Bridge handled 34,000 vehicles a day. Its absence has resulted in an 18% traffic increase and added to delays through the two harbor tunnels"

Marylandreporter | [Maryland General Assembly] imposes 338 new or increased taxes and fees, 9 June: "the 2025 Legislative Session seems very far away, but Maryland still has a significant challenge as spending is projected to outpace our revenue and large budget deficits loom"

wypr | Maryland transportation officials provide update on Key Bridge reconstruction 12 June

the MDTA said it will rebuild to current standards....Asked about reconstructing the bridge to future standards, Brian Wolfe, a principal engineer and MDTA's Director of Project Development said that is a consideration.
"Throughout the process, MDTA in cooperation with our progressive design builder will evaluate input. We welcome comments and questions and suggestions throughout the project and development," Wolfe said.
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Global car sales fell in Q1 2022, while China's OEMs gained market share (04.07.22)
EVs outsell diesels. Sedans continue to lose share to SUVs. Toyota Group led in the rankings.

jato | Sales of Chinese cars top those of US rivals for first time 2023Q4, 15 pp
The report has focused on Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Viet Nam, and Philippines. The car sales of these countries account for more than 80% of the entire region.

jato | European EV Market: Finance insights from Belgium and the Netherlands (31.05.24)
Belgium's automotive landscape reveals a dichotomy between private retail and business sectors, with the latter dominating market share. Across the border in the Netherlands, a similar sales channel split prevails, with business sales commanding a lion's share of the market.

ec.europa.eu | Commission investigation provisionally concludes that electric vehicle value chains in China benefit from unfair subsidies, 12 June
sampled firms
• BYD: 17,4%;
• Geely: 20%;
• SAIC: 38,1%
co-operative, sampled firms
any firm not sampled
archive Reactionary Visions and eNtiTiES (13.09.23)

janto | Tesla Model Y secures position as world's best-selling car in 2023 (13.06.24)
Interestingly, last year's positive results were not driven by China. Munoz stated: "Over 17.5 million new cars were sold in the emerging economies in 2023. That is more than the total sales in US or Europe during the year."
bloomberg | China Beats US in Global Car Sales in Industry First (13.06.24)
"'Negligence from legacy automakers, which has resulted in consistently high car prices, has inadvertently driven consumers toward more affordable Chinese alternatives,' Jato analyst Felipe Munoz said."
fitch | EU Tariffs on Chinese EVs Will Not Affect Market, Potential Retaliation is Key (14.06.24)
We think any additional tariffs on European vehicles [ex]ported to China are mostly likely to be absorbed by automakers. We believe that joint-ventures (JVs) of German automakers and local manufacturers that sell vehicles in China may also be affected. China accounts for 20%-30% of German automakers' sales through JVs (increasing the overall sales exposure of German automakers to China to 30%-40%).
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zeit.de | "Es geht und ging nie darum, sich von China abzukoppeln"
Wirtschaftsminister Habeck reist nach China und wird dort über Strafzölle sprechen. Man werde auf fairen Wettbewerb pochen, sagt Staatssekretärin Franziska Brantner.
welt.de |Chinesischer Ministerpräsident Li Qiang sagt Treffen mit Habeck ab, 22 June
Eigentlich wollte Wirtschaftsminister Robert Habeck (Grüne) auf seiner China-Reise am Samstag Ministerpräsident Li Qiang treffen. Der Termin kommt jetzt nicht zustande. Unabhängig davon sprach sich Habeck für eine Reform der rund ein Jahr alten deutschen China-Strategie aus.
Ein für den Samstag erhoffter Termin mit Ministerpräsident Li Qiang kommt nicht zustande, hieß es am Freitag aus der Delegation des Bundeswirtschaftsministers. Der Termin sei ,,vormittags vor dem Abflug terminlich nicht darstellbar" gewesen. Habeck will am zweiten Tag seines China-Besuchs nach Shanghai weiterreisen
Die EU-Kommission will Strafzölle auf chinesische E-Autos verhängen. Sie begründet dies mit Wettbewerbsverzerrungen durch hohe staatliche Subventionen in der Volksrepublik. China hat bereits mit Gegenmaßnahmen gedroht. Habeck hofft, dass die Strafzölle noch verhindert werden können, die von der deutschen Autobranche aus Furcht vor einem Handelskrieg mit chinesischen Vergeltungsmaßnahmen abgelehnt werden.

DW v.22.05.24 Forecast exponential increase of international brand EVs exported from China to EU

Habeck's ministry is said to have considered canceling the trip to China because Beijing had not made any definite commitments for weeks, according to Noah Barkin, a senior fellow in the Indo-Pacific Program at the German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMFUS), based in Berlin. He suggested that the apparent lack of commitment was due in part to the China-critical stance of Habeck and German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, who emphasized a balanced approach in Berlin's relations with China.

"Due to the delay, Habeck left Germany three days later than originally planned and has made South Korea the first stop on his itinerary instead of China," said Barkin.

ChatGPT | Habeck blames China's Russia support for worsening Berlin-Beijing relations
If Beijing didn't support Russia's war, Europe and Germany wouldn't be reducing their dependency on China for raw materials.
"It is important to understand that these are not punitive tariffs," Habeck said, contrasting the EU measures with those implemented by countries such as the U.S., Brazil and Turkey, according to Reuters. ...The proposed EU tariffs are intended to level the playing field with China, Habeck told Zheng Shanjie, chairman of China's National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). Habeck also said that if Beijing didn't support Russia's war, Europe and Germany wouldn't be reducing their dependency on China for raw materials, according to the reports.... adding that the measures are meant to compensate for the advantages granted to Chinese companies by Beijing.
reuters | EU tariffs on China not a 'punishment', says German economy minister
"It is important to understand that these are not punitive tariffs," Habeck said in the first plenary session of a climate and transformation dialogue. Countries such as the U.S., Brazil and Turkey had used punitive tariffs, but not the EU, the economy minister said. "Europe does things differently."
archive Habecks Heizungsgesetz
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olympics.com | The Olympic Games of Paris 2024, 26 July-11 August
"Hosting the biggest event in the world is going to change our country—it's inevitable."
euronews | Paris plans river cleanup ahead of 2024 Olympics (07.04.23): "The Paris City Hall is aiming to lift the 1923 swimming ban by 2025 if all projects go to plan."
le monde | Macron promises to swin in Seine to show off Olympic clean up (01.03.24): "Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo also said she would take a dip in the Paris river, which French authorities have spent €1.4 billion on for upgrades."
metro | Parisians to 'take a sh*t' in seine ahead of Olympic games (27.05.24):"The hashtag #JeChieDansLaSeineLe23Juin, began trending on X last week after she announced the date of her dip."
bfmtv | 50.000 cubic meters of waste water dischard into the river Seine because of broken pumps in the Yvelines, 2 June
Une quantité astronomique de lingettes. On traite 14 millions de mètres cubes d'eau usée par an à la station d'épuration de Neuville-sur-Oise et malheureusement on retrouve des choses qui ne devraient pas être là", soulève Didier Moers, directeur général des services du SIARP.
ChatGPT | Unsafe levels of E. coli found in Paris' Seine River less than 2 months before Olympics, 15 June "colony-forming units"
after persistent heavy rain in Paris, showed bacteria such as E. coli and enterococci beyond limits judged safe for athletes. The report was published by monitoring group Eau de Paris one day after a senior International Olympic Committee executive said there were "no reasons to doubt" races will go ahead as scheduled in a historic downtown stretch of the Seine near the Eiffel Tower.
Earlier this week, Paris' mayor Anne Hidalgo doubled down on her promise to take a dip in the river before the start of the competition. On Tuesday, she confirmed that her swim was postponed until after the snap elections in France, which end on July 7.
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axios | Seine remains too polluted to host swimming events at Paris Olympics, 21 June
Paris region official Marc Guillaume said at a press conference Friday. However, he said he was "confident" the swimming events would go forward as planned, noting that heavy rains recently had hurt the results and likely don't reflect the weather anticipated for the Games' opening on July 26. "At one point or another, the weather will change, it's going to stop raining, and we're going to have sunshine ... It is in summer conditions that we must be able to examine swimmability," he added.
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U.S. Olympic and other teams will bring their own AC units to Paris, undercutting environmental plan, 22 June
The U.S. Olympic team is one of a handful that will supply air conditioners for its athletes at the Paris Games in a move that undercuts organizers' plans to cut carbon emissions.
AU, CA, DE, IT, UK, US: 5 of 9 heads of the G7
"As you can imagine, this is a period of time in which consistency and predictability is critical for Team USA's performance," U.S. Olympic and Paralympic CEO Sarah Hirshland said.
"I want the Paris Games to be exemplary from an environmental point of view," Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo has said about the plans for the Olympics.
needs mo' better applied Sciences of the Artificial
According to the International Energy Agency [IEA], fewer than 1 in 10 [< 10%] households in Europe has air conditioning, and the numbers in Paris are lower than that [< 10%]. The study said that of the 1.6 billion AC units in use across the globe in 2016 [?!], more than half were in China (570 million) and the United States (375 million). The entire European Union had around 100 million.
archive cap'nobvious in NATO Stoltenberg/Rutte Gun-ho to Fight Russia
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euronews | 'A momentous day for nature': EU approves Nature Restoration law that could bring back biodiversity, 19 June
The Nature Restoration Law aims to restore at least 20 per cent of the EU's land and sea areas by 2030, and all degraded ecosystems by 2050. It is the first comprehensive, continent-wide law of its kind.

The law sets binding targets and obligations for EU member states to rehabilitate their natural habitats - 80 per cent of which are currently in poor condition. It focuses especially on those with the most potential to capture and store carbon.
In a vote held among EU environment ministers today, Finland, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden rejected the law, while Belgium abstained. But Austria, which had been internally divided, flipped at the last minute in favour, allowing the minimum threshold for it to pass.

Under the new law, EU member states will prioritise restoration of Natura 2000 protected areas, which cover Europe's most valuable and threatened species and habitats.

ChatGPT | EU approved Slovak law to kill bears in return for nature vote, minister claims, 18 June Teddygate
...The Commission denied such a transaction ever took place. But in a note to the Slovak last week, which [deputy PM] Tomáš] Taraba's department shared with POLITICO, EU environment chief Virginijus Sinkevičius gave provisional backing to a controversial Slovak law that sanctions killing bears near villages and towns. Then he asked for Taraba's vote for the nature law. Sinkevičius' team insists this wasn't a trade. But Taraba certainly viewed it that way....

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