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Boeing launches NASA astronauts for the first time after years of delays, 5 June
...Crippled by bad software, Starliner's initial test flight in 2019 without a crew had to be repeated before NASA would let its astronauts strap in....
upi | 'Nicely done!' Boeing Starliner astronauts welcomed to ISS at last (06.06.24)
There are two American-crewed spacecraft docked at ISS now—SpaceX's Dragon was there when Starliner arrived. It experienced a thruster malfunction with the B1 A3 thruster, so it was shut down while others were used to control the spacecraft as it docked. At about 10 meters away a planned hold was implemented to perform the final line-up for docking.
space.com | Boeing's 1st Starliner astronaut mission extended through June 18, 10 June
If all goes well on CFT [Crew Flight Test], Starliner will be certified to fly six-month astronaut missions to and from the ISS for NASA. SpaceX already does this with its Dragon capsule; Elon Musk's company is in the middle of its eighth long-duration crewed flight to the ISS, known as Crew-8.
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FIMI: foreign interference and information manipulation

Exec. Summary (15.06.24): Russia deliberately flooding newsrooms with fake content to overwhelm fact-checkers, 90 pp study says:"Operation Overload" by Finnish software and methodologies company Check First, which published the report [v.1.1/05.06.24]. The ongoing scheme involves anonymous pro-Russian actors who contact journalists in a co-ordinated campaign to have them verify suspected fake news. The ploy relies on the simple principle that "all publicity is good publicity". For example, the sender of one email cited in the report poses as a concerned citizen who has supposedly seen suspicious claims in Russian media and asks journalists to take a look.
Acknowledgments: EU DisinfoLab, IDLab-MEDIA, COM-PRESS, Antibot4Navalny, AFP
Elevator Pitch (14.06.24): EU Policy. Mistral AI warns of lack of data centres and training capacity in Europe

"We are reaching the capacity; we need to build datacentres and ensure there is enough electricity for the scale of [computer programming] development today. There is a huge amount of work to be done," Audrey Herblin-Stoop, Head of Public Affairs at Mistral AI said at a conference organised by the European Court of Auditors (ECA). Mistral AI, which was founded a year ago, used supercomputer facilities opened by the European Commission to train [test] its models.

"The access to infrastructure is important, if you don't have this, you cannot build large language models. We could train the first ones on EU supercomputer Leonardo. We were lucky enough not being blocked access to computing, but this will come for other companies. The volumes [EUR/Tb] that are needed for [computer programming] are incredible," she added.

archive European Court of Auditors, Sam Altman, The Bat Man Makes The Machine
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Safeguarding Democratic Processes
In a year during which millions worldwide choose their leaders and representatives, we reaffirm our commitment to safeguard democratic values and human rights. With the rapid evolution of emerging technology, we are more concerned than ever about Foreign Information Manipulation and Interference (FIMI) in our democratic institutions and processes, and how attempted interference campaigns, malicious cyber activities, and transnational repression collectively undermine sovereignty and democratic values.

We pledge to strengthen our coordinated efforts to better prevent, detect, and respond to FIMI threats through human rights-respecting practices and by supporting freedom of expression and free, independent, and pluralistic media. We ask our relevant Ministers to bolster the G7 Rapid Response Mechanism [2018 G7] by creating by the end of the year a collective response framework to counter foreign threats to democracies, including publicly exposing foreign operations of information manipulation. We also call on tech companies, in particular social media platforms, to intensify their efforts to prevent and counter FIMI campaigns and the  potential abuse of AI for this purpose and work towards higher standards of transparency and accountability on these issues.

We will continue our cooperation with governments and non-governmental partners to work towards the promotion of fact-based, quality, and trustworthy information and will support relevant international initiatives, in particular in the UN and OECD. [9 heads of the G7:36]

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