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GT | China's first zero-carbon desert highway produces 5m kW green power, 11 June
As of Monday, China's first zero-carbon desert highway—the longest photovoltaic (PV) demonstration project for irrigation and sand control at the Tarim Oilfield in the Taklimakan Desert, Northwest China's Xinjiang [!] Uygur Autonomous Region—had generated more than 5 million kilowatts of green electricity, realizing sand control and environmental protection, China Media Group (CMG) reported on Tuesday.

According to the CMG, the demonstration project has set up 86 PV power stations along the desert highway, generating electricity to irrigate more than 3,100 hectares of ecological protection forests along the highway, providing a comprehensive alternative to diesel power pumping irrigation.

China's largest environmental desert control PV project in Kubuqi desert, 3 Dec 2023
Inner Mongolia. The project will use drones in seeding and planting high-quality pasture grass and medicinal herbs under the PV power panels, achieving ecological restoration while developing agriculture in the field.
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worldbank.org | Curbing Desertification in China (04.07.2019)
Since 2012, a US$80 million World Bank-financed project has been helping to control desertification, rehabilitate natural vegetation, and introduce other ecological protection measures in seven counties and cities in Ningxia.The effort to control sand received a boost in funding from the project. Based on experience accumulated over the past six decades and site-specific conditions, a 1+4 approach to restoring vegetation has been adopted....
euronews AP | The Maowusu Desert in China has vanished from the map (17.05.20)
"The Maowusu Desert, in northern China's Inner Mongolia Region, was one of four major deserts in the country, until it vanished from the map. Thanks to decades of work, 93.24 per cent of the land has turned green...."
gov.cn | Kubuqi Desert in North China turns green thanks to efforts of local people (29.09.20)
Photos show sand-fixing forest, a photovoltaic power base, highway, and irrigation installations in Kubuqi Desert in Ordos of Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

gov.cn | Inner Mongolia set to clean up its energy act (12.03.21)
It will strictly control substandard and repetitive projects in energy-intensive industries, while encouraging enterprises to step up upgrading and transformation efforts to make room for energy consumption in high-quality development. The region will also accelerate the establishment of a new energy supply system that features intensive, efficient and comprehensive use of multiple forms of energy, to increase utilization of renewables and gradually reverse the coal-centered energy mix.

cn.gov | China to raise desert reclamation endeavors (18.06.22)
"By 2025, China plans to restore an additional 6.7 million hectares of desert areas with forests and grasslands, adding to the 18.8 million hectares the country has recovered over the last 10 years..."
xinhua | "Green Great Wall" safeguards oases in desert (06.07.23)
"The Babusha Forest Farm has successively completed sand control and afforestation of over 280,000 mu (about 18,667 hectares) of land, and the transition zone from the oasis to the desert has expanded by 30 km as a whole."
xinhua | China's anti-desertification practice amazes international students, 17 June

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