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..."What Washington is proposing is, 'We [the U.S.] take a loan, Europe takes all the risk, you [Europe] pay the interest, and we [the U.S.] use the money for a U.S.-Ukraine fund,'" said one senior European diplomat.
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Governments are in a race against time, not just because Ukraine desperately needs the money, but because there's no certainty that a Donald Trump presidency would back the initiative. A final agreement will now be delayed until at least the fall, according to three officials.
EU-US Treasury bonds?
To front-load that aid, Washington suggested taking on a $50 billion loan for Ukraine < wipes tears>, which would be paid back each year with the profits generated by immobilized Russian assets.
WWIII Marshall Plan for yerp?
"If it was the other way around, they would say we are crazy," said an EU official about the U.S. proposal.
"The EU can be naïve, but this goes too far," said an EU diplomat. "This would benefit mostly American companies, so we have to discuss the conditions more in detail." Officials are now discussing whether to issue the loan through the World Bank or an ad hoc instrument, with the officials saying the EU wanted to negotiate the exact conditions to avoid their companies being left out of profitable Ukrainian contracts....
yahoo! afp | G7 to agree $50-bn Ukraine loan at Italy summit, 13 June
"We are on the verge of a good outcome here," US National Security Advisor Jake Sssullivan said Thursday, adding that the details still needed to be thrashed out.
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