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ChatGPT wapoo | Biden, Zelensk* to sign 10-year U.S.-Ukraine bilateral security deal at G-7 summit, 13 June
...The deal aims to commit future U.S. administrations to support Ukraine, even if former president Donald Trump wins November's election [lolwut], officials said. It will be a framework for a long-term effort by the United States to help develop Ukraine's armed forces, which have innovated on drone warfare and other < wipes tears> cutting-edge [AI!] techniques in the fight against Russia, but are also desperately outgunned and in need of modern [AI!] weapons.
Biden on Thursday will join 15 [?] other countries that have signed bilateral agreements with Ukraine, including Britain, France, Germany, and Italy. An additional 16 countries have committed eventually to making similar agreements. Officials expect the nations will coordinate how they carry out their assistance pledges, potentially starting at a summit of NATO [!] leaders in Washington next month, although not every country that has signed a deal with Kyiv is a member of that alliance....
Slava Big Israel!
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Mark Rutte of The Netherlands was close behind Great Britain to commit to a 10 year bi-lateral security deal with military support and financial aid.  Bastards all of them 😡

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Thu Jun 13th, 2024 at 01:28:45 PM EST
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NY Yella Cake | Pentagon Opens Ammunition Factory to Keep Arms Flowing to Ukraine, 29 May: "To keep Ukraine's artillery crews supplied, the Pentagon set a production target last year of 100,000 shells per month by the end of 2025. Factories in Scranton [!] and Wilkes-Barre, Pa., together make about 36,000 shells per month."

state.gov | U.S.-Ukraine Bilateral Security Agreement, 13 June

The United States intends to provide assistance, advice, and training to build Ukraine's defense and security capabilities, advance the reforms necessary to light Ukraine's path toward EU accession and NATO membership, and bolster Ukraine's defense industrial base through co-production and joint ventures with U.S. industry.  The agreement furthers our goal of a secure, sovereign, and independent Ukraine that is integrated with the Euro-Atlantic community and militarily capable of defeating Russian aggression now and deterring it in the future.
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