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ChatGPT | Maryland officials release timeline, cost estimate, for rebuilding bridge, 2 May: "Maryland plans to rebuild the Francis Scott Key Bridge in just over four years at an estimated cost between $1.7 billion and $1.9 billion"

dezeen | Carlo Ratti Associati proposes replacement for collapsed Baltimore bridge, 7 May AI-enabled CBAM

...In contrast to a cable-stayed bridge, the former Key Bridge was a steel arch continuous through truss bridge, an option that while strong, can be expensive and time-consuming to construct. This means it's more material-efficient and ultimately sustainable, according to the team.

"In terms of sustainability, Baltimore's cable-stayed design is one of the most material-efficient ways to build at the proposed span, minimizing the project's embodied carbon," said the [Carlo Ratti Associati] team.
It would also include integrated "smart features" that build upon Ratti's Good Vibrations research as a professor at MIT—which included capturing vibration data from smartphones placed in vehicles crossing the Golden Gate Bridge....

ChatGPT baltimoresun | Congress hasn't approved 100% funding of Key Bridge replacement, 6 June: "some have expressed sticker shock. Key Bridge handled 34,000 vehicles a day. Its absence has resulted in an 18% traffic increase and added to delays through the two harbor tunnels"

Marylandreporter | [Maryland General Assembly] imposes 338 new or increased taxes and fees, 9 June: "the 2025 Legislative Session seems very far away, but Maryland still has a significant challenge as spending is projected to outpace our revenue and large budget deficits loom"

wypr | Maryland transportation officials provide update on Key Bridge reconstruction 12 June

the MDTA said it will rebuild to current standards....Asked about reconstructing the bridge to future standards, Brian Wolfe, a principal engineer and MDTA's Director of Project Development said that is a consideration.
"Throughout the process, MDTA in cooperation with our progressive design builder will evaluate input. We welcome comments and questions and suggestions throughout the project and development," Wolfe said.
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