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arabnews | Saudi foreign minister arrives in Russia for BRICS meeting, 10 June
Prince Faisal met with Lavrov on the sidelines of the meeting on Monday and also held talks with Yvan Eduardo Gil Pinto of Venezuela on the same day.
Hajj 14-19 June 2024
spa.gov.sa | HRH the Crown Prince Sends Regrets, 12 June
to Giorgia Meloni, Prime Minister of the Italian Republic for the kind invitation that he received to participate in the communication session of the G7 summit, which will be held in the Italian Republic on June 14, 2024, corresponding to 8 Thu Al-Hijjah 1445(H). The cable included HRH's regret for not being able to participate due to commitments related to overseeing the works of the Hajj season. HRH emphasized the depth of the relationship between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the friendly Italian Republic, and he wished success for the summit's proceedings
ChatGPT dpa | Ukraine's Zelensk* visits Saudi Arabia ahead of Swiss peace talks, 12 June
Saudi Arabia does not want want to take part in the June 15-16 [Global Peace] conference as Russia will not attend, sources® in Riyadh said earlier this month on condition of anonymity
arabnews | Pope Francis to weigh in on 'ethical' [computer programming] at G7 summit, 13 June
..."The Church always looks to humans as the center of its mission," said Paolo Benanti, a Franciscan university professor and member of the UN's [computer programming] advisory body, who directly advises the pope. "From this perspective it is clear that the [computer programming] that interests the Church is not the technical tool, but how the tool can impact on the life of man," he told AFP....
indiatoday | PM Modi leaves for Italy, to meet world leaders tomorrow, 14 June
and is expected to arrive in Apulia later tonight. During the ["G7 Outreach"] summit, which is likely to be dominated by the raging war in Ukraine and the conflict in Gaza, India will focus on ["Outreach session"] issues such as [computer programming], energy, Africa [?], and the Mediterranean region. PM Modi is likely to hold bilateral meetings with a number of world leaders, including US President Joe Biden, Italy's Giorgia Meloni and others, attending the outreach session of the G7 summit. In a departure statement, PM Modi said issues crucial for the Global South will also be deliberated upon at the outreach session.
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