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energyglobal | Honeywell and DTEK join forces for renewables integration into the energy mix (31.07.20)
The system will help maintain Ukraine's energy system, enable the integration of renewables into the energy mix, and decrease fossil fuel power generation. Moreover, the energy storage system will increase the flexibility of Ukraine's power grid and help pave the way for the country to join Europe's energy community (ENTSO-E) in the future.
archive DTEK Group invests $1 bln, DTEK Energy, ENTSO-E Ukraine, 400 MW export
dtek | DTEK Group enters Polish renewables market to build the first large-scale battery storage project in the country, 27 Mar 2024
DRI signed a final binding share purchase agreement with Poland's Columbus Energy on 27th March which will give it the right to build a 133 MW battery storage facility in southern Poland, subject to permitting approvals. which will give it the right to build a 133 MW battery storage facility in southern Poland, subject to permitting approvals. The agreement is DTEK's first major infrastructure investment in Poland and a key building block in the company's plan to create a pan-European energy system uniting Ukraine and the EU.
reuters | Ukraine agrees on first LNG supply deal with US company, 13 June
Under the agreement, DTEK's trading unit D. Trading will buy cargoes from Venture Global's Plaquemines LNG facility in Louisiana from later this year until the end of 2026. D. Trading will also purchase up to 2 million tonnes per year of LNG from Venture Global's third facility, Calcasieu Pass 2, for 20 years.

Ukraine currently has no regasification terminals for LNG imports but DTEK has contracts for re-gasification capacity elsewhere in Europe which have connecting pipelines [?] with Ukraine. DTEK was not immediately available for comment.

interfax | DTEK, Honeywell sign strategic partnership agreement at URC-24, 14 June
DTEK CEO Maxim Timchenko and Honeywell President for Central and Eastern Europe Przemek Szuder signed a strategic cooperation memorandum at the Ukraine Recovery Conference in Berlin....Szuder said, for his part, that Honeywell with a portfolio focused on three global megatrends—automation, energy transition and the future of aviation—is an innovator in delivering technologies that accelerate energy transition and automation.
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