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ALKHOSHID @ 21:57: Dimitry, the United States—this new movement on the part of the Unitates in the Middle Eas—is in the new article in Wall Street Journal. It says that it seems the United States is offering Saudia Arabia a formal defese treaty in return for normalizing with Israel and vowing to distance itself from China and prohibit Chinese bases. Do you think that at the end of the day they would convince Saudi Arabia to do that?
ORLOV: Well, I think that the idea of the United States offering some kind of a security deal to Saudi Arabia is eliciting peals of laughter from the Saudis. The United States can't pretend to protect anyone, not its military bases in Iraq or Syria, not Israel. If Iran wants to attack Israel using hypersonic weapons, the United States is powerless to stop it. The United States has completely failed to provide Saudi oil installations [defense] from Houthi attacks, and the Houtis are commonly portrayed with this sort of stone-age people, if you will, but for some reason they're better militarily than the United Sates at this point, to the point of being able to attack American aircraft carriers.
dodig.mil | Audit of the DoD's Revaluation of the Support Provided to Ukraine Through Presidential Drawdown Authority (Report No. DODIG‑2024‑095), 11 June
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