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Secretary Antony J. Blinken And Qatari Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani At a Joint Press Availability , 12 June "six weeks"
QUESTION: And Prime Minister, even with the elaborate three-phase deal that's being created to try and bridge the divide between Israel and Hamas, we still seem to be stuck on the fundamental question of a temporary versus a permanent truce, which is effectively will Israel allow Hamas to survive this. Do you think these negotiations can really be salvaged, and what is the risk to the region if these talks continue to fail?
AL THANI: Regarding, I think, your question about how can we have this proposal to become a permanent ceasefire, this is an issue that we've been struggling with for a very long time, is how to ensure that we bridge the gap between those two fundamental differences, between what Hamas wants as a permanent ceasefire and what Israel wants as the hostages released—maybe a plan to continue the war. I think what we have achieved in this structure is the best way to bridge those gaps and to merge both tracks. And I believe that having three countries—United States, Qatar, and Egypt —as guarantor for this process to ensure that these negotiations keeps going until we reach the permanent ceasefire is something significant that we are putting ourself at stake.
ibid arabcenterdc.org (06.05.24): guarantors Qatar, Egypt, the United States, the United Nations
QUESTION: Osama bin Javaid with Al Jazeera English.  My question for Secretary Blinken. I just want to go back to the words that you used.  You said the deal was on the table and yet there are workable parts that you were will be working towards. Which one is it? Was there a deal or is there still a deal on the table? And as the UN Security Council and the United Nations at large remains the cornerstone for your policy towards finding a solution, today, the latest UN investigation says Israel committed "crimes against humanity," including "extermination," is the words used.
ibid COI, "Report of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and Israel"
And Israel is already facing a genocide case at the ICJ, warrants were request at the ICC. And last month, you said there are no red lines for Israel. Is that still the case?  And if there is, what will this mean for yourself and the U.S. administration?
BLINKEN: The proposal speaks for itself. What's in the proposal—backed by the United States, by Qatar, by Egypt—speaks for itself.
Security Council resolution 2735 (2024) on ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, S/RES/2735 Draft resolution / United States of America, pdf
Secretary Antony J. Blinken With Jalal Chahda of Al Jazeera, 12 June
QUESTION: (In Arabic.) Mr. Blinken, thank you for talking to Al Jazeera. Hamas submitted a response to the proposal—
BLINKEN: That's right.
QUESTION: —seeking some amendment. How do you assess the response so far?
BLINKEN: Well, just to step back for one second, 12 days ago President Biden laid out thisproposal. And in that time, almost THE ENTIRE WORLD came out in support of it, including the United Nations Security Council, but also the Arab League, virtually every country in this region, and well beyond. Israel accepted the proposal [lolwut], the Palestinian Authority accepted the proposal. Hamas was the one answer we were waiting for. And the answer that we got last night—that was submitted to Qatar, it was submitted to Egypt, and to us as the mediators of this process—unfortunately was not the yes that everyone else has provided. It was looking for more changes to the agreement, including changes on items that Hamas had previously accepted.
QUESTION: What is not workable for you and for Israel?
BLINKEN: Well, I can't get into the details.  You'll understand that given the sensitivity of the negotiations, we're not going to talk about the details. But what I can say is this: The proposal that President Biden laid out 12 days ago was virtually identical [lolNO] to one that Hamas had accepted and put forward itself on May the 6th [that Israel rejected]. So there's no reason why this agreement should not be reached. The only reason would be Hamas continuing to try to change the terms.

But here is what's the reality. The reality is as this negotiation is going on, during the 12 days that it took Hamas to respond, the world wasn't standing still. Gaza wasn't standing still. People were suffering every single day —Palestinian children, women, and men suffering every single day. So from my perspective, from our perspective, it's time to stop all of this haggling and back and forth, and start a ceasefire.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lin Jian's Regular Press Conference on June 13, 2024
Al Jazeera: According to the Times of Israel, Hamas has demanded that China, Russia, and Türkiye serve as guarantors for any hostage deal with Israel.
rejected by both the US and Israel
The demand is said to be one of several changes made by Hamas to the proposal put forward by Israel last month and publicized by US President Joe Biden. What's China's comment?
Lin Jian: China has noted the report. The Gaza conflict has been dragging on for more than eight months. The most urgent priority is to fully and effectively implement relevant UN Security Council resolutions, achieve an immediate ceasefire, protect civilians, guarantee humanitarian assistance and ensure the early release of all those held captive. China will continue to work with all parties to make unremitting efforts to end the fighting in Gaza as soon as possible, ease the grave humanitarian situation and implement the two-State solution.
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