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ChatGPT | With inflation soaring argentina will start printing 10,000 peso note (08.05.24)
"The new denomination note—five times the value of the previous biggest bill—is expected to hit the streets next month [JUNE] in a bid to 'facilitate transactions between users,' the central bank said. The 10,000 peso note is worth USD 11 at the country's official exchange rate and USD 9 at the ["blue peso"] market exchange rate."
Milei puts on a show musical at Luna Park as he launches new book (23.05.24)
"I wanted to do this because I wanted to sing," he said before singing along with an amateur band on a single song: his warped version of 'Panic Show' by Argentine rock trio La Renga. After his performance, the economist gave a lengthy economics lecture based on his 13th book Capitalismo, socialismo y la trampa neoclásica ("Capitalism, Socialism and the Neoclassical Trap"). Milei gave a lesson in liberal economics stretching from ancient Egypt to the fall of the Berlin Wall. In his speech, the President railed against socialism, defended monopolies, denied the existence of market failure and said that abortion was a "mechanism to massacre populations.
Read the book! La presentación del libro, A/V (ES) 02:54:28
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