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cbsnews | "Sofagate": Thousands sign petition for head of European Council to resign after he took chair from female colleague in viral video (13.03.24)
In a letter to Michel, the group of women calls the seat snub an error against democracy, the European Union and women's rights—and they are calling for Michel to resign [again?]. The letter lists the three crucial errors made by Michel when he left von der Leyen standing during the meeting with Erdoğan.
archive new rules will empower the executive, the Pékin power grabber, passport control, Council rejected Michel's resignation
Firstly, the group said, Michel and von der Leyen are on an equal diplomatic level and Erdoğan "set a trap" by offering only one other seat during a three-person meeting.
ChatGPT | Von der Leyen on Sofagate: 'It happened because I am a woman'(26.04.24)
Speaking before lawmakers in the European Parliament, von der Leyen said she "could not find any justification" in the European treaties that explained why she was relegated to a nearby sofa while Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Michel sat in stately chairs.
msn torygraph | Charles Michel seeks to block Ursula von der Leyen from key EU meetings (11.06.24)
It is the latest twist in their bitter rivalry which has overshadowed the pair's five-year tenure at the helm of the European Union. Mr Michel has suggested excluding Mrs von der Leyen, the European Commission chief, from summit discussions between EU leaders and heads of state next week to decide on who should take the bloc's top jobs after the European elections. He said Mrs von der Leyen should not be allowed to attend because she is vying for a second term in office as the centre-Right European People's Party lead candidate in discussions with aides.

ChatGPT | EU leaders fail to agree on von der Leyen's second term , 17 June

"There is no agreement tonight," European Council President Charles Michel told reporters late Monday night after the leaders' dinner.

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