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NO DRAMA SHARMA: Starmer thought it was necessary to talk to British Indians, to re-assure them, to tell them that the Labour Party would work for British Indians as well. Why was this necessary? Because of the Labour's recent history on the matter of Kashmir. They were seen as pro-Pakistan and anti-India, especially the Labour Party before Keir Starmer, Jeremy Corbyn. He did more damage than anyone else. Corbyn upturned the years of goodwill, because of his controversial take on Kashmir, he wanted the world to interfere, and obviously this angered New Dehli, and ties between the Labour Party and New Dehli hit a new low. This affected people of India-origin in the UK as well. This was in 2019 [BREXIT-PROROGATION!]. Months after Corbyn's statements the Labour Party suffered a humiliating defeat at the polls, and they decided to introspect [TAKE BACK CONTROL!]. So when Keir Starmer took over as party leader, he began undoing the damage. Within a year Jeremy [ANTISEMITE] Corbyn was banned from standing in elections, and this [U R HAMAS!] year he was expelled from the party. This is just one of the ways that Starmer tried to re-forge the party.
India-China SCO sideline: "Respecting the LAC [Line of Actual Contact] and ensuring peace and tranquility in the border areas is essential" (04.07.24)
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