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Alex C. and Alex M., Gen X Greek diaspora educated in US and UK, respectively
ALEX M @2:40: What has happened in this election, and make absolutely no mistake about this, Reform UK has broken through. They've managed it. They've gotten into the House of Commons. Nigel Farage has got into the House of Commons. He's stood in many constituencies before.[...@ 6:15] Reform Uk is running them [Tories] close in seat after seat, constituency after constituency. There is a high probability after this election that you're going to start to see a move in individual constituencies of sitting MPs wanting to join Reform UK.[...@ 7:35] Let's look at how the Labour Party did when it was led by Jeremy Corbyn, and let's look at how it's done now that it's led by Keir Starmer. I'm looking now at absolute, actual votes, numbers of votes cast...So. In 2017, the first election in which Jeremy Corbyn led the Labour Party, Labour won 12.8 million. Now, in 2019, which Labour lost, and of course that was the BREXIT election, when the Conservatives were led by Boris Johnson. They campaigned on getting BREXIT done. Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party won 10.2 millions of votes, a significant decline, because [...MIDLANDS...]
ALEX C.: Was that the vote where Farage supported Boris Johnson?
ALEX M.: It absolutely was. That is exactly right. That was the one where Farage supported Boris Johnson. In this election, the election that has produced the gigantic Labour landslide, 412 MPs or whatever it is, Labour won 9.6 million votes. So the actual number of votes is falling. It's not growing. They are losing ground over what Jeremy Corbyn achieved.[...@12:55] Now, the over all turn out in this election. in 2017, the peak of the Corbyn surge, turn out was 68.8 percent. In the 2019 election it fell to 67.3 percent, largly because many, many working class voters who couldn't stomach voting Conservative, because they're left-wing but were angry over BREXIT because Labour worked along side Conservatives to saboutage BREXIT, refused to vote. In this election, turn out has fallen to just 60 percent, the second lowest since the second world war. So the British establishment is losing credibility. The Labour Party, despite its enormous landslide, is living on borrowed time, and the Conservatives are facing extinction.
[... THE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS, WHIGS, TORIES, CONSERVATIVES, SNP..."changing the whole political language is enormously difficult to do"...@16.14] So the establishment parties are collapsing. The only significant party that is growing and growing strongly is Reform UK. Nigel Farage is in the House of Commons, and that is a revolutionary moment < wipes tears > in British electoral history. [@ 24:29] The economy? Starmer has no ideas to speak of about that, at least no ideas that differ in any fundamental way from Sunak's [...HOW WILL SUNAK BE REMEMBER, IF HE IS TO BE REMEMBERED?...]
ALEX C. @28:20: I have one more question. How are the "globalists"—How do you think, if you had to take a guse—how do you think the globalsits are viewing these elections?
B auf MoA, DE cuts to the quick: "I do note expect him to survive for long."
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