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strana | Labour leader Keir Starmer takes office as UK Prime Minister
This is reported by Buckingham Palace.
the Crown in Parliament
In his first speech as Prime Minister, he said that "the work of implementing change begins immediately." Although he admitted that it will not be as easy as" flipping a switch," writes the BBC. Starmer promised to "rebuild" the country's "infrastructure of opportunity" by doing it" brick by brick."
BREXIT recovery
How the change of power in Britain will affect Ukraine, we wrote in a separate article ["Rishi goes, Kir comes. UK election results and what they mean for Ukraine", illustrated with Torygraph, Mail, Times, Independent, etc front page headlines].
"least left of the other Labour leaders"
  • domestic "opportunities" (1) increase the cost of arming Ukraine and (2) sanctions against the Russian Federation
  • historically better Labour Party relations with the Kremlin
  • strategic zionist ambiguity
  • Ukraine in last place of patriotic rhetoric
ChatGPT | Who is Keir Starmer? Britain's new prime minister is complex, unknowable, aggrieved: "At 61, Starmer has a long backstory. His father was a silent, authoritarian toolmaker"
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Monbiot: I never thought I'd argue for re-armament. But a looming TRUMP presidency changes everything, 4 July long COVID
Trump has developed a special relationship; not with us, but with Vladimir PUTIN, to whom he defers as the iron dictator he would like to be. Russia sought to help TRUMP win in 2016, tried again in 2020, and has long backed TRUMP for 2024.
I now believe we need to enhance our conventional capabilities, both to support other European nations against Russia and—something that seemed unimaginable a few years ago—perhaps to defend ourselves.

Currently, according to a former senior official at the MoD, the UK's forces would be unable to "fight and win an armed conflict of any scale". We would rapidly run out of ammunition, could not prevent missile strikes and could not stop an attack on our territory.

Conversely, this is also a good moment for the UK government to rethink its position on nuclear weapons. It's time to recognise that our "independent nuclear deterrent" has never been independent. Because key components are supplied and controlled by the US, we cannot operate it without US consent. So, if TRUMP regains the White House, it would not be a deterrent, either: PUTIN knows we cannot use it. The UK's ["]nuclear programme["] is a £172bn heap of bricks. Why waste more money on it?

< wipes tears >
by Cat on Sat Jul 6th, 2024 at 12:05:48 AM EST
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How fortunate 🍀 are the British ... just a few seats for extremist Nigel Farage ...
The Netherlands is run by a majority right-wing extremists (fascists and racist), a coalition led by PVV Wilders and VVD Yesilgoz ... back to 1930s Europe of Spain, Italy and German Empire.

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by Oui (Oui) on Sat Jul 6th, 2024 at 03:31:03 AM EST
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Trumpism: Darkness of Dutch Policy In Wilders I

French President Emmanuel Macron dissolved parliament and called a snap legislative vote in a surprise move after the far right trounced his centrist alliance in the European elections.

Trumpism Conquers Europe

After the EU Elections ... what's next 🆘 growth AfD in Germany, Nordic states ⁉️

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The Netherlands has a new government. Here are 3 things to know | Politico |

It took 223 days to get there.

But the Dutch king on Tuesday gave his blessing to a new Cabinet -- a formal but important final step in the formation of the most right-wing government in the country's recent history. 


And then there's the PVV, in particular: Marjolein Faber, the new migration minister, is already one of the most controversial people in the new Cabinet (despite being the second choice). Even PVV insiders see her as a hard-liner. 
She's most famous for referencing the "great replacement theory" in a speech -- the claim promoted by the Nazis and carried forward by white supremacists that there is a conspiracy to replace Europe's white population. 

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Newly-minted Prime Minister Dick Schoof faced a baptism of fire at the opening of the Dutch parliament over remarks by two cabinet ministers (PVV) about a conspiracy theory with neo-Nazi roots

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Wilders' anger at Labour coalition leader calling PVV ministers racist | France24 |

At the centre of the controversy are two cabinet ministers from Wilders's PVV: new Asylum and Migration Minister Marjolein Faber and Foreign Trade and Development Aid Minister Reinette Klever.

Both have in the past spoken about the so-called "omvolking" -- the Dutch term for the "great replacement" theory that supposes that Europe's white population is being deliberately replaced by immigrants.

While both ministers have "distanced themselves" from the term, they maintained that there was a "worrying demographic development" in the Netherlands, where the ruling coalition now wants to implement the "strictest immigration policy ever."


"It is intellectually and politically untenable to continue to deny that the ideas at the heart of the PVV, and also of this government, are not racist, or that it would be enough to no longer mention the term 'great replacement' to make extremist and racist ideas disappear," she told AFP.

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