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strana | Labour leader Keir Starmer takes office as UK Prime Minister
This is reported by Buckingham Palace.
the Crown in Parliament
In his first speech as Prime Minister, he said that "the work of implementing change begins immediately." Although he admitted that it will not be as easy as" flipping a switch," writes the BBC. Starmer promised to "rebuild" the country's "infrastructure of opportunity" by doing it" brick by brick."
BREXIT recovery
How the change of power in Britain will affect Ukraine, we wrote in a separate article ["Rishi goes, Kir comes. UK election results and what they mean for Ukraine", illustrated with Torygraph, Mail, Times, Independent, etc front page headlines].
"least left of the other Labour leaders"
  • domestic "opportunities" (1) increase the cost of arming Ukraine and (2) sanctions against the Russian Federation
  • historically better Labour Party relations with the Kremlin
  • strategic zionist ambiguity
  • Ukraine in last place of patriotic rhetoric
ChatGPT | Who is Keir Starmer? Britain's new prime minister is complex, unknowable, aggrieved: "At 61, Starmer has a long backstory. His father was a silent, authoritarian toolmaker"
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