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This inclination to identify is the psychological basis of the national narcissism, i.e., of the self-confidence that individual man derives from the "greatness of the nation."  The reactionary, lower middle-class man perceives himself in the führer, in the authoritarian state. On the basis of this identification, he feels himself to be a defender of the "national heritage,"of this "nation" ...

Applicable too for a united Football Club or definition of a hooligan.

The very first group in the Netherlands to demonstrate and showed up by political rallies of Geert Wilders, the single member PVV party, were the football hooligans. Specifically Rotterdam and Feyenoord, PSV Eindhoven, FC Den Haag or The Hague.

Riots near House of parliament het Binnenhofin The Hague after murder of Pim Fortuyn

the bullet came from the "left"

Across all of Europe the identical wave of football hooliganism and the right-wing anti-immigration parties. The burden of the influx of mass immigration lies with the lower class neighborhoods, the areas often synonymous with fervent football club supporters.

Recent years right-wing xenophobia has become a conversation topic commonplace in the higher class. The same with support of electorate for extreme right anti-immigration parties. The flow of fascism ...

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