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More city agriculture?

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Some of you may remember my last post on a similar topic - Biomass utility project update
by paul spencer Wed Mar 11th, 2015. So here's another update after only 5+ years. Somehow the project hasn't changed much in the interval.

It's finally more than a gleam in some old guys' eyes. We now have 4 additional (much younger) partners, our first greenhouse, substantial forestry equipment, trucks, a middle-sized tracked excavator, three Pratt & Whitney Purecycle 280 ORCs (plus a spare for parts), and agreements for wood supply from several timberland owners and our local sawmill.

We have a purchase agreement with our Port Authority for the 25-acre site that we have occupied for 5 years, which closes in 3 months. We have established customers for microgreens and firewood, and we now have a relationship with an established wood products wholesaler who is researching expansion of our bundled-firewood business.

Our Chiptec gasification system is still waiting for deployment, but we are aiming for building the facility to house it in about the same timeframe as the closing on the land purchase.

Oddly, the Covid-19 situation may have enhanced our market penetration. Our organic (certified) microgreens found their way into home-delivery  services' meal packages. And the firewood production is 'essential' service while the actual process of logging, processing, bundling, etc. is spatially separated and requires no physical interaction between operators or customers.

I'll put together a diary with pictures soon.

paul spencer

by paul spencer (spencerinthegorge AT yahoo DOT com) on Sat May 30th, 2020 at 11:03:54 PM EST

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